Global Warming Computer Models Need Dusting Off

Computer Models Need a Dusting

We have yet another reason why all this anthropogenic global warming is based upon weird science. Daily Tech has an article titled “Dust Study May Invalidate Most Warming Modeling Work Done to Date.”

I’ve read about all kinds of things that never get plugged in or properly plugged in to these marvelous computer models that always seem to predict some disaster or the other regarding global warming. Things such as clouds and solar rays seem to be forgotten about or perhaps skewed to make the models spew out data that predicts that CO2 is always the big culprit that causes global warming. Garbage in and garbage out!

It seems that we now we have problems with dust. Per the Daily Tech…..

Some of the Earth’s tiniest naturally occurring particles may have just bred a big mess for climatologists.  New findings reveal that models scientists have long used to estimate the causes and effects of global warming may be dramatically flawed due to errors in one of their most important inputs.

These conclusions are found in a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Jasper Kok, a climatology researcher with The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

You can read all about how this study shows yet another climate faux pas at the Daily Tech source noted below.

More CO2 Insanity! One of these days the warmers may get it. But it seems no matter how much evidence we have that anthropogenic global warming is BS they keep genuflecting at the altar of global warming.

Source: The Daily Tech

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