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More Polar Bear Drama

I don’t know about you but I am really getting sick and tired of all the Polar Bear drama included with the global warming drama. It seems like that when all else fails (like the recent Concun Climate Conference joke) then the MSM goes to work overtime to try to sway public opinion back toward believing there really is anthropogenic global warming.

For some reason the usual liberal mantra of ‘it’s for the children’ doesn’t seem to work well with global warming, but they have discovered they get a lot of hits on the warmer websites when it’s ‘the Polar Bears are going to die-drown-starve-float helplessly on icebergs, have to swim farther,’ etc. That really seems to get all the warmers, greentards and PETA all stirred up.

It seems the more failures we have about global warming the more we hear about those poor cuddly little Polar Bears and the ‘devastating’ effects that global warming will have on them. Though one would love to have you for a meal, people think they’re cute little cuddly creatures and feel sorry for them and may even send money in to save them.

The latest crock of anthropogenic BS comes from the Daily Mail in an article alarmingly titled “Polar bears CAN survive global warming ‘but only if the temperature rise stays below 1.25C’,” which infers that we all better fall in line and cut down those CO2 emissions or we won’t have those Polar Bears to hug anymore.

Polar bears can be pulled from the brink of extinction by a big enough reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a study has shown.

Scientists said there was still hope for the iconic Arctic predator which three years ago appeared to be doomed by global warming.

Projections in 2007 indicated that by the middle of the century loss of Arctic ice will have reduced the 22,000 polar bear population by two-thirds.

Eventually as temperatures rose it would be too late to prevent a catastrophic melting of sea ice, and the bears could vanish altogether.

So, let’s look at the highlighted words.

  • “Appeared to be doomed” meaning they really weren’t, the public figured it out, so rather than mass extinction being imminent we now have something we can all do to help stave that off. Better known as Plan B – Save the Polar Bears II.
  • “Projections in 2007” meaning they use 2007 because that’s when the Arctic sea-ice hit a low. It hasn’t significantly dropped anymore, but they don’t want you to know about that as it might get you all un-excited and make you lose that touchy-feely stuff you have going about those cute white bears.
  • “The bears could vanish’ is used because they want to keep you overly concerned so you’ll buy into Scam #2 or Plan B.

Long story short, the article proceeds to try to hook you on the fact that while things perhaps aren’t that bad, they could be if we don’t do something immediately like all start driving Priuses. You can read it all at the source below, which I’d encourage you to do.

Now that we have established the ‘con’ and the ‘hook’ let’s look at some reality for a change. Per Wikipedia, Polar Bears diverged from Brown Bears about 150,000 years ago. Please note that this is long before the warmers claim that CO2 became a problem (about 1850 per them).

Now let’s look at the temperature graph below. I noted approximately 150,000 years ago with a red arrow. See what the temperature was then? What? Why wait? It was about the same as it is now! Yet that’s when Polar Bears evolved! When it was about the same exact temperature as it is today! Note that about 125,000 years ago that it was +7F hotter than it is now? Notice about 10,000 years ago it again was +5F hotter than it is now?

Yes, that’s right, they managed to survive two periods over this large-scale of time when it was 5F to 7F hotter than it is now! Yet we’re all supposed to get all touchy-feely about those poor Polar Bears who may not survive if we don’t all start living in caves and riding bicycles.

Want to see more? Below is another temperature graph of the past 11,000 years where you can plainly see we’ve had recent events where it was also hotter than it currently is.

Oh my! The Polar Bears survived two Holocene Climate Optimums, a Roman Climate Optimum and a Medieval Warm Period, all warmer than now, and yet those darn bears are still here! I really don’t think we need to get very worried about them. You can even read here that their population is growing to the point they’re becoming a problem.

More CO2 Insanity. More alarmist BS.

Source: The Daily Mail

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Moonbat – Foot in Mouth

Below are some of George Monbiot’s comments from this screenshot of his website on February 5, 2005. years ago about how we’re going to have warm winters. ‘Mild winters?” Foot in mouth again George? I figured I’d preserve it for posterity in case it mysteriously disappears like things at some other warmer sites do when found to be incorrect.

I’m sure the UK and Europe are certainly enjoying the ‘mild’ winter this holiday season. Yet  more CO2 Insanity.


Actual page below is currently here, but  I can’t guarantee how long it may remain.

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Met Chief: UK Snomageddon ‘is merely a natural fluctuation’

Wow! Finally, someone has come up with a new line of BS about all the recent total bombardment of snow and cold in Great Britain! No, it’s not ‘weather’, nor is it ‘climate change,’ or ‘global warming,’ or even ‘climate disruption. It’s astoundingly not even that Arctic cold that is now claimed to be caused by global warming!

Today it’s ‘merely a natural fluctuation!’ Yes that’s right ‘natural fluctuation!’ Amazing!

So, who came up with this? Why it’s the nutty British MET Office again in the winner’s circle. It’s even the MET Offices’ Chief Scientist, Professor Julia Slingo! While I’ll give her an “A” for this comment, I will still give her an “F” for FAIL as she still believes in the global warming fairy. (Al Gore?)

Still, it’s damn amazing someone’s finally admitted we have good old-fashioned weather events that are not driven by global warming. I think I’ll get a Scotch on the rocks and give the good Professor a toast.

I wonder what kind of odds I can get in Vegas that she’ll lose her job by New Years Day?

Definitely a new kind of CO2 Insanity. Please read the whole thing with amusement at the link below.

Source: The Independent

Edit: Here’s another link to Real Science. They think she can’t read a map. I agree.

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‘California leads way on global warming’

This is why some call it "Crap & Trade"

Today we have this editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “California leads way on global warming.” It’s a short quickie that bitches out Washington, DC,  praises the voters for not passing Prop 23, which would have K.O.’ed AB32 (California’s global warming law that will speed up the decline of the state), and aggrandizes Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This prompts me to ask the editor following questions.

  • Is California leading the way down the global warming toilet?
  • Or, is California leading the way down the global warming bankruptcy?
  • Or, is California leading the way off a cliff?
  • Or, perhaps all three?
  • Were the voters really ‘unimpressed?’
  • Or, were the voters really confused?
  • Or, were the majority of the voters who voted no on 23 to stupid to comprehend what they voted on?
  • Could the voters have been swayed by the political and financial sway of famous libtards besides Arnold like Bill Gates, James Cameron and others?

We already know Arnold is a closet greentard who’s appears to be desperately trying to hang on to what amounts to about his only achievement as Governor of California so I feel no need to question his motivation. It should suffice to see that per Bluegrass Pundit he now wants to be ‘The Climanator.” Perhaps Hollywood doesn’t want him back either?


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We don’t really care about CO2 but we’ll take the money!


Compared to some government officials old Bernie is a saint


Here’s more on the government raids on cap & trade money that is supposed to go for things that reduce CO2 emissions. What amazes me is the naïvety of the greentards who think that their greedy government will actually use this  money for what it’s intended for.

Funny, if Bernie Madoff rakes in millions and billions and diverts it use for other things (like himself) it’s fraud, it’s a Ponzi Scheme, it’s illegal, it’s immoral and off to prison he goes. But, when the government makes fraudulent promises and basically steals the taxpayers money for other uses, it’s just perfectly fine.

Amazing hubris and amazing stupidity. More CO2 Insanity. Read all about it at the source below.

Source: NPR

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Aussie Summer Snow

All I can say at this point is that damn hot global warming certainly is cold. It’s snow-snow-snow in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains in California, the Central and Eastern US has been getting Snowmegeddon II, we have massive quantities of snow-snow-snow in Northern Europe and even Southern Europe (snow in Rome and on the Italian island of Capri folks!)

So how much ‘hotter’ can this global warming possibly get? Well we now have reports of snow in Australia. Remember, down under it’s the middle of summer people, not winter, but summer! A screenshot of the page is below.

Talk about more CO2 Insanity and a violation of the laws of thermodynamics! Quick! Someone call Hansen to add some warming, they need it!

Source: ABC News Australia

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A peek at California’s energy future

The Tarot Card showing California's greentard future

Well, here we go again. We simply must use that renewable energy no matter what the financial cost will be. Bankrupting people, companies and costing retired people on limited incomes so much they have to start eating dog food for dinner doesn’t bother the greetards a whit. You can go back and read about my harping about what’s going to happen to California-based on recent events.

  • Prop 23, which would have neutered AB32 until things got better financially in California as evidenced by a drop in the unemployment rate was defeated, partly in thanks to rich greentards like Governor Schwarzenegger, film director James Cameron, Microsoft maven Bill Gates, and a host of other greentards.
  • The California Air Resources Board (CARB) just voted to implement cap & trade as part of their implementation of AB32. This probably will end up being ripped-off by the government ala New Jersey.
  • Meanwhile, the Indians and other assorted greentard groups have in my opinion effectively halted installation of solar and wind power in California until it’s either resolved in the courts, which could take years and years, or perhaps after a lot of the other kind of green (money) changes hands allowing these facilities to be built, no doubt at additional cost, due to addiitonal legal bills and perhaps eventually due to paying out what I’d call legal ‘bribes.’ Both would be considered to be costs associated with the additional extended delay and passed on to consumers. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile, we can look North to see what the future of California will be, which is as I and others have been trying to get through those ultra-thick greentard skulls, is that we’re going to get raped on power and the costs of about everything else because just about everything else is hooked up to the grid or will be affected by the implementation of AB32.

From Oregon Live we get this little tidbit about what’s in the Tarot Cards for the once ‘golden state’ that I vote should be renamed “Greentardia.”

Come New Year’s, better strip the lights off the house and the Christmas tree ASAP.

Customers of Pacific Power will see their electric rates spike 14.5 percent in January. The increase comes in a one-two punch: an 8.4 percent general rate increase state utility regulators approved Friday, and a 6.1 percent increase for increased power costs they are expected to approve Dec. 28. Both take effect Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, customers of the state’s largest electric utility, Portland General Electric Co., will see a lesser, but still significant, rate increase of about 3.9 percent. A few mandatory cost adjustments in the works will bump that overall increase to 4.2 percent, effective Jan. 1.

The biggest factor driving the increases: renewable power.

All you Californians better start saving up! Your power bills will be going up exponentially in the future because you, the consumer of electricity, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, oil and everything power in California will be the one who ultimately gets to pay for all this nonsense. I call it nonsense because if your solar and wind weren’t subsidized they’d already be out of business. If and when these solar and wind facilities finally get built, you can guess who will be paying though the nose to subsidize them can’t you? It’s called you via higher rates and taxes, that’s who.

I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate that most everything you buy will be affected by coming increases thanks to CARB and AB32. Not only will the cost of electricity rise, the cost of gasoline and diesel will be increasing because AB32 mandates low-carbon fuels for California. If there are any manufacturers left in California they’ll be passing the buck to you when the cost of power and delivery of their product to marked rises astronomically. AB32 could even lead to mass destruction of forests.

Yes, I’d say get ready to bend over Californian’s, like a hurricane, you can see it’s coming and you can either stay put and hope you don’t get wiped out, or you can flee to a safer place.

Source: Oregon Live

H/T to Watts Up With That?

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Global Warming Strands 4,000 Vehicles in China

Global warming has now arrived in China and has stranded 4,000 vehicles due to ice. Yet another case of that hot hot global warming causing cold, snow, and ice, not to mention below zero temperatures. Where’s Al Gore and his hot air when you need him?

BEIJING: More than 4,000 vehicles and 8,000 people remained stranded Friday as ice blocked a section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao freeway caused by a severe cold that swept across southern China, a media report said.

The temperatures dipped to minus three degrees Celsius Wednesday, bringing the traffic to a halt as ice covered the sections of the freeway in Shaoguan county of Guangdong province, China Daily reports.

Source: Express Buzz



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California drowning, gets tossed an anchor by CARB

The Official Anchor of the California State Economy

Here we go, more on the cap & trade debacle in California from Instead of throwing the once golden state that is now drowning in a sea of red ink, CARB, various greentards and the Governator have tossed the drowning state an aircraft carrier sized boat anchor……

The unelected officials at CARB intend to reorder California’s use of energy. In so doing they blandly declaim that their rules will create jobs while admitting to higher energy costs and a slowing economy. Somehow, this formula is transmogrified by CARB analysts into net job creation.

Given the immutable laws of math, one is forced to calculate that CARB’s actions will “create” low-paying jobs at the expense of good jobs.

Hey! Way to go boneheads! Let’s get rid of those good  jobs that employ people who make real money and pay taxes and replace them with minimum wage workers who will pay fewer or no taxes. They also probably won’t have health care plans so the state can pay for that, too! Can you spell subsidized Section 8 housing for these workers? More money down the global warming toilet. No wonder the rest of the country laughs at California! Keynesian economics at its best.

Of course we again go back to follow the money, even on a state government level this is very applicable…….

Over time, however, CARB expects to charge for allowances, generating a lucrative revenue stream for a cash-starved state.

Rather than spend gas allowance funds on energy specific projects, as intended, all three Eastern states have raided climate funds for a more mundane purpose: balancing their budgets, with the total diversion to date exceeding $158 million.

Given California’s budget history, cap-and-trade will soon become cap-and-tax.

Yes, California will soon be emulating New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire and screwing the tax payer even more, while at the same time driving people with good paying jobs and businesses out the door into another state or country. No one with a brain will want to stay here by the time they get done. But…. but…what about all those green jobs in solar and wind power?

You can read here and see that numerous lawsuits by greetards and Indian tribes have probably already have screwed the pooch as far as California doing much of anything until all these lawsuits are resolved in Federal Court, which could take years or more if they end up going to the Supreme Court. Of course the dim wits at CARB will continue on their path of destruction regardless of common sense or economics.

What the article says is basically what I and others have been harping about since before the elections in November, which is that cap & trade will increase the costs of everything in the state. Electricity, gas, fuel, diesel, food, housing, clothing, etc. You name it and cap & trade will be raising the cost. Just take the projections on gas.

With California’s adoption of its low-carbon fuel standard, some analysts are forecasting a gasoline price shock of 30% to 80% in five years. With Congress appearing set to end corn ethanol subsidies, this cost may go higher, hitting California families for an additional $570 to $6,500 per year, according to the George C. Marshall Institute.

I don’t know about you, but $6,500 a year will cause many families to move someplace that doesn’t  have this crap, especially when it costs them their high paying jobs. And that’s only fuel people. There’s more to pay for due to this boondoggle. Like, can you imagine what the additional diesel fuel cost to a trucking company with a fleet of Peterbuilts will be? I bet you can say goodbye to a lot of  the trucking industry in California and the ones that remain will be charging up the wazoo to deliver things like groceries.  Imagine paying $20 bucks for a tomato, or $50 for a box of Captain Crunch and I think you see my point.

Another problem this article points out is that this will end up being a tax and no capping or trading will happen because the state will be raiding the funds to balance their budget while the greentards and Indian tribes tie it all up in the court system. What a joke and it’s on us taxpayers.

Perhaps one day the boneheads who vote in this state will wake up and quit voting the same idiots into office over and over and over and over. But I’ll probably be long gone before that ever happens, along with hundreds of thousands of other people who will move to someplace that doesn’t have CO2 Insanity. Read the whole article at the source link below.


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Lord Monckton on Concun


Concun: A few clowns short of a circus.

Well here’s Lord Monckton’s take on Concun. Vini vidi vici? Probably not the last one, but he did go and he did see the circus show about anthropogenic global warming. The two biggest items in the press about him were that he admitted global warming was real and that he was thrown out of a meeting. From the Telegraph we get this, from the horse’s mouth even……


Another headline last week shrieked that Viscount Monckton had admitted global warming is happening. Again, where’s the perspective? The author had aimed to suggest that if even a notorious recusant was now confessing, in the words of Dr Heinz Kiosk, that “We Are All Guilty”, no one could deny that “global warming” is, like, I mean, jolly bad stuff, man.

Nice try, but no. Four years ago, I wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that: “There are more greenhouse gases in the air than there were, so the world should warm a bit, but that’s as far as the consensus goes.”

Yes, there is a greenhouse effect. Yes, CO2 contributes to it. Yes, it causes warming. Yes, we emit CO2. Yes, warming will result. But not a lot.

While I’m at it, I wasn’t “forced to leave a high-level business summit” in Cancun, either. The organisers, Climate Change Ltd, said they would take my $1000 entrance fee provided that, unlike other paying delegates, I raised no points from the floor: they said only believers in man-made apocalypse could speak up.

See? Blown out of proportion by the MSM. The real story is in the last paragraph above, that he would effectively have his mouth duct-taped if he stayed. Sounds like the warmers, you can only speak if you agree, otherwise STFU! Heaven forbid we should entertain anything but the gospel of global warming as handed down by Reverend Gore.

See why I called it a circus? It’s run by clowns and for the most part attended by clowns, but it was a few clowns short of a circus wasn’t it?

Source: The Telegraph




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