Post Event Forcast by MET Office?


This one made me laugh. It seems now that the UK has been bombarded by their very own Snowmegeddon 2, that the infamous MET Office is trying to get everyone to believe that they indeed forecast all this snow but kept it a secret.

Per the Telegraph…….

In October the forecaster privately warned the Government – with whom it has a contract – that Britain was likely to face an extremely cold winter.

It kept the prediction secret, however, after facing severe criticism over the accuracy of its long-term forecasts.

The Met Office eventually issued a public warning about the early onset of winter a month later, just days before snow and ice covered much of Britain and temperatures plummeted to the lowest on record.

OK, I wasn’t there, but I’m a suspicious person and if you believe this one I have a nice golden colored bridge in San Francisco I’ll gladly sell to you for $50 billion dollars.

Even if true as claimed then someone should be fired for not publicizing this as evidenced by all the problems an unprepared Britain experienced.

Source: The Telegraph

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One response to “Post Event Forcast by MET Office?

  1. Ashley Stevens

    I can believe it. They are not allowed to issue cold forecasts to the public anymore as it conflicts with their AGW religion. That’s my theory….