Global Warming Consensus is Shifting


Per the National Association of Scholars……….

Estimated 40 Percent of Scientists Doubt Manmade Global Warming

January 03, 2011

PRINCETON, NJ (January 3, 2011)—S. Fred Singer said in an interview with the National Association of Scholars (NAS) that “the number of skeptical qualified scientists has been growing steadily; I would guess it is about 40% now.”
Singer, a leading scientific skeptic of anthropocentric global warming (AGW), is an atmospheric physicist, and founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), an organization that began challenging the published findings of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the 1990s. SEPP established the Leipzig Declaration, a statement of dissent from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that has been signed by over one hundred scientists and meteorologists.

Oh my, what will the warmistas do when the consensus shifts over to the other side? Remember, in the not too distant past we’ve seen predictions from them about how global warming will soon be causing less or no snow, winters will disappear and how Arctic and Antarctic ice will soon be disappearing, right? But, now that we’re having all this cold weather and snow, it’s suddenly changed to where that very same global warming is now causing cooling. An amazing turnabout, eh?

Well, I’m about 99.99% certain that when the consensus hits the ‘tipping point’ where 51% of the scientist think that anthropogenic global warming is bullshit, that those very same warmers will suddenly start screaming about how a consensus isn’t scientific, even though it was certainly good enough when that consensus was on their side of the fence.

Want to bet we’ll be getting more CO2 Insanity?

Source: National Association of Scholars


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