Exam Board Brainwashing about global warming?

From the Telegraph we get this jewel……

Britain’s largest exam board has been accused of “brainwashing” pupils by forcing them to use an inaccurate temperature graph that exaggerates the scale of global warming.

Well, I’m not the least surprised that the warmers would do this, falls into the same category as the rest of their BS. So what did they allegedly ignore?

Climate experts have accused AQA of “scientific illiteracy” and “propaganda” after a graph in its most recent Geography GCSE exam paper contained a series of inaccuracies which magnified the rise in global temperatures.

The graph wrongly presented the current warm period as the hottest on record and pinpointed the world’s current average temperature at 59.5 degrees Fahrenheit (15.3C), when it has in fact never risen above 58.1F (14.52C).

The exam board also overlooked the last ice age, which peaked around 20,000 years ago, instead marking the “previous glacial period” at around 180,000 BC

The graph published in the exam paper was titled ‘Timeline of the mean world temperatures over the last million years’, even though no such record exists.

Sounds like another hockey stick graph doesn’t it? Quite a laundry list for brainwashing, eh? You can read the whole thing at the source below. It’s pretty bad when the warmists stoop to this level.

Source: The Telegraph


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