Amazingly puerile rant about ‘Climate Nazis’

Damian Carrington’s Environment blog at the Guardian makes an amazingly puerile attempt to liken the shootings in Tucson to climate skeptics in his blog post titled “‘Climate nazis’: Violent rhetoric infects many US debates.” It’s not only amazingly puerile, it also appears to be an attempt to do exactly what he is complaining about.

Like all the lefties who have been trying to assign blame to Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, the Tea Party and others about the killings in Tucson, which appear to be the work of a lone madman with no party affiliation whatsoever, he uses the same acrimonious tactic of never wasting a good crisis regardless of  how absurd the link. Talk about a stretch, this is it.

The violent rhetoric and hate campaigns being proposed by many commentators as setting the context for the horrific attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, which left 6 dead and 14 injured, is far from restricted to the obvious issues of abortion, gun control and federal laws.

Even the debate on climate change, where the key issues are frequently highly scientific or economic, has attracted frequent death threats to researchers and election TV ads in which a prospective Senator shoots the cap-and-trade bill with his rifle.

First off, I haven’t seen, read or heard of any climate scientists being assassinated, shot at, stabbed or even punched. But he must raise the alarm. For what reason I don’t know. I guess he wants to get his followers stirred up about the deniers so they’ll go on the march again. Perhaps this is an attempt to get some of them stirred up enough to attack us in a preëmptive strike? I can’t say but he gives the appearance of it.

After the accusations he then gets more ludicrous by using the below video to drive his point home. Mind you he’s making the feeble attempt of trying to tie in the attempted assassination of a member of Congress to climate deniers by showing us a campaign video from………..a member of congress. That seems rather asinine to me.

Please note that no humans or effigies thereof were shot, not even a beer can, only a piece of paper. I wouldn’t call that very scary, but perhaps Damian sleeps with the light on and his teddy bear in his arms or something?

I guess this airhead also ‘conveniently’ forgot about the below “No Pressure” video put out by the warmer group 1010, eh? You want violence? This is it. This shocking video also advocates totalitarianism. I was amazed there weren’t any Sieg Heils at the end of it. I guess in his sick mind shooting pieces of paper is horrendous but blowing up human beings to get the warmer point of view across is perfectly OK. Like most of these people the ends justify the means.

He must have also forgotten about Obama’s Science Czar John P. Holdren who advocates “nice” things like forced abortions and putting chemicals into the water supply to sterilize people. You can read some quotes from Holdren in the below video.

I don’t know where the Guardian found this guy but they should send him back. I’d be embarrassed to have him writing if I were them. I’d say the ecoterrorists and ‘climate Nazis’ are on his side of the fence, not mine. I could go on, but I think this makes my point.

Source: The Guardian

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