Prelude of California Green Job Market

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Here’s a good one and you will probably be seeing similar stuff happening in California before too much longer. From American Thinker we get this from an item titled “MA Solar Plant to Close After 2 Years.” What? Green jobs unsustainable?

While the sun might be a constant source of light and heat apparently even constant Massachusetts government green dollars–$58,000,000 of them–couldn’t guarantee Evergreen Solar Company customers and a profit.

So just two years after opening a solar energy plant with great fanfare–and even greater state subsidies–the plant is closing and with it 800 jobs reports Todd Wallack of the Boston Globe.

It seems the Chinese have struck again by undercutting the market. I mentioned this earlier about a company in California called Solyndra who were visited by President Obama and are supposed to be the greentard panacea of jobs via manufacturing solar panels, but they already had to downsize and I would not be a bit surprised if they end up shutting their doors, too. They already downsized mere days after Prop 23 failed and left California’s AB32 global warming law in place.

California land of overpriced homes, over regulation of business and the second highest business taxes in the nation will more than likely drive Solyndra to another state or country that is more business friendly and may even drive them out of business.

You can throw in the fact that the Indians and greentards are already suing to stop solar plants in California and it could be the coup de grâce for companies making and installing solar.

Source: American Thinker

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