Poor Ahnold…sniff..sniff


How much as the Greentardnator cost Californians?

Talk about hubris! Now we have the ex Governator of California who now appears to be trying to make himself into the Greentardnator whining that while he was governor it cost him about $200 million. Per the Daily Mail……

Serving as California governor personally cost Arnold Schwarzenegger at least $200 million, he has told a newspaper in his native Austria.

The 63-year-old two-term governor told newspaper Krone that, when expenses and lack of earnings from Hollywood films were taken into account, ‘in all it is probably more than $200 million’.

Well Ahnold, to that I just can’t seem to find any tears for you. Especially in view of what AB32 (California’s cap & trade law), which you could have vetoed will probably end up costing the citizens of California. Moreover you even helped ensure it stayed in effect by campaigning ardently against Prop 23.

AB32 could end up costing the taxpayers of California billions of dollars and untold thousands of jobs (the cruise lines are already fleeing) unless someone manages to wake up before too much longer and fix the problem. If you don’t care about us so why should we care about you?

Sounds like we may have yet another case where again Ron White is correct when he says “you can’t fix stupid.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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