Others are finally starting to get Satellitegate

NASA's Carbon Observatory Crashed and Burned (NASA)

Finally it appears that others are awakening to the fact that there are problems with those satellites that we reported about months ago, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. From the Washington Post we get this article titled “Aging and failed satellites jeopardize efforts to collect data on climate change.”

Shortly after it lifted off in February 2009, NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Antarctica. With that, a $250 million investment became scrap metal on the ocean floor and an effort to begin using satellites to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide and trace emission-reduction actions was dealt a huge setback.

The OCO was “the only satellite in the world that will do the kind of global collection we need,” said James Lewis, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and one of the authors of a 2010 report on satellite monitoring of climate change. “And we haven’t thought about how to replace it.”

There are other problems in the works……

2005 report by the National Research Council sounded the alarm about the climate satellite system, declaring it was “at risk of collapse,” largely because of weakening of U.S. financial support for such programs. The 2010 report by Lewis and others asserted that half of all climate satellites will have outlived their design life within the next eight years.

The bottom line is the computer models suck (garbage in and garbage out) and they are desperate for good satellite data to really get a handle on what or what isn’t going on with the Earth’s climate. While I believe anthropogenic global warming is a sham I would be happy if they actually got some good data on things to give us a better idea of what is really going on. The way things are now they might as well toss the dice.

You can read their article about all the other failures and problems at the source below. Just don’t say we didn’t tell you about it. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Washington Post


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3 responses to “Others are finally starting to get Satellitegate

  1. robertsgt40

    Hey, no problem. Just tell eveyone we have a backup satelite that does the same thing…lie about the facts. It isn’t like the truth matters in outcome based science.

  2. Dave-O

    I can’t help but think Satellitegate was opened up by somebody for the sake of profit, to build more satellites at the behest of yet ANOTHER contrived crisis.

    It’s a sad day in the world when “The View” is as informative and truthful as the nightly news. When will the people FINALLY turn their crap box TVs off and study a little physics, a little chemistry, and appreciate how stupid the establishment and crisis constructors think we all are.