Climate Czar Browner Boogies

"What is that damn ringing in my ear?"


Ernest Hemingway wrote a novel titled For Whom the Bell Tolls. The catch line was “For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” Well, it’s been tolling away for cap and trade dying for a while now and continues on ringing. The United States Congress has failed to pass any cap & trade laws and now that the Republicans control the House or Representatives, any deals with that are probably DOA. Next, the Chicago Climate Change (CCX) (Al Gores’ baby), kicked the bucket at the end of 2010, and shortly thereafter the Euro Carbon Market suspended trading due to fraud problems.

In what appears to be another harbinger of things to come, White House Climate Czar, Carol Browner (head of the EPA during the Clinton days) has now boogied right out the White House back door which seems to perhaps indicate that the final nail in the cap & trade coffin has been pounded in, not to mention this seems to also be an indication that perhaps the Obama Administration is finally going to cease trying to pass onerous cap & trade laws that will only serve to raise the price of goods in the United States, which will drive more businesses out of business or off shore and further reduce the tax intake.

While it’s a start at removing the liberal-leftist-communist-greentards from the picture, we still need to have Congress reign in the EPA who appear hell-bent on creating more problems than they solve.

Source: ABC San Francisco

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