Top Scientists in Heated Debate over ‘Slaying’ of Greenhouse Gas Theory

By: John O’Sullivan

Top Scientists in Heated Debate over ‘Slaying’ of Greenhouse Gas Theory

One of the greatest open debates of modern times concerning the greenhouse gas theory is set to start in earnest. Critics predict an almighty global warming showdown between ‘deniers’ and ‘doomsayers.’

This author, project coordinator of the recently published book ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ can report that the books has ignited controversy and temperatures are set to rise on the blogosphere next week.

The authors of the two-volume publication insist that they have refuted the greenhouse gas theory of climate change and last week triggered an impromptu and vigorous exchange of emails among a host of luminaries from the world of climate science.

Key figures in the hullabaloo are Dr. Judith Curry, Lord Monckton and Roy Spencer. However, Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat disappointed many by quickly withdrawing from the discussion soon after it started. It was left to Monckton, Spencer and Curry to defend the established theory.

Others involved in the email correspondence include Richard Lindzen of MIT, Fred Singer of SEPP, Miso Alkalaj, a mathematician and Head of the Center for Network Infrastructure at the J. Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia,  Joe Olson PE is an internationally respected science writer, Brazilian Geraldo Lino, a Brazilian geologist and author of the book ‘The Global Warming Fraud: How a Natural Phenomenon was Converted into a False World Emergency.’

Mainstream Book Deal in New York the Prize?

The books’ authors, who are currently being courted by leading lights in the New York publishing world, took umbrage at a comment Curry posted on her blog last week in which she stated,

“I’ve read Slaying the Sky Dragon and originally intended a rubuttal,[sic] but it would be too overwhelming to attempt this and probably pointless. “

Lord Monckton quickly ran to Curry’s defense but inflamed the book’s authors with his comment, “There is unfortunately a great deal that is wrong with the book.”

Not wishing to allow such a slight to pass O’Sullivan emailed Dr. Curry and challenged her to debate the issue but she declined. However, after several days of discussion both parties finally agreed to an open debate to begin next week on Curry’s blog.

Thereupon, ‘Slayers’ co-author Hans Schreuder took Monckton to task for apparently making past contradictory statements of his own on the theory citing a paper where Monckton had asserted there was no greenhouse signature in the atmosphere.

Dr. Roy Spencer then waded in as Siddons  and Dr, Martin Hertzberg launched into what Siddons dismissed as “lukewarmists” or in other words, climate sceptics who believe that “some” warming is due to the “greenhouse” effect and that human emissions may play a part in it.

Dr. Martin Hertzberg has lately had an important new paper, published on Energy and Environment further attacking the greenhouse gas theory.  World leading independent long-range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn of has towelled himself down and sat ‘ringside’ ready to tag team his co-authors from the ‘Slayers’ stable. But all proceedings so far have been in good spirits. In light of Dr. Curry graciously agreeing to stage this debate Professor Claes Johnson, who was recently banned from teaching any such material to his students by the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden posted his response here.



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  1. Ulf

    Well, Prof. Claes Johnson wasn’t banned from teaching, technically speaking (not to say that what happened wasn’t scandalous). His course material on numerical methods was “banned”, presumably because it contained controversial statements about climate change. However, the exercises that touched on climate issues were not included in the course in question, nor were they particularly controversial.

  2. Steve Mennie

    Please…stop paying attention to O’sullivan..