Thousands more green and other jobs flee California

AQT Solar's new plant in South Carolina

Well, the cigar smoke from the Governator hasn’t even blown out of Sacramento yet and already more green businesses are fleeing California for, shall we say greener pastures?

According to California Watch more solar panel manufacturing companies are going to boogie……

This week, two Silicon Valley solar panel manufacturers announced they would build factories in southern states that offered business-friendly conditions and strong clean energy markets.

Stion, based in San Jose, will invest $500 million to build its new production facility in Hattiesburg, Miss., after the state agreed to a $75 million loan, and tax and training incentives. AQT Solar of Sunnyvale said it would spend $300 million to open its plant in Blythewood, S.C. The factories are expected to generate 1,000 jobs each.

And just before the new year, Wisconsin announced $28 million in tax credits to relocate a Chatsworth solar panel firm to the state. W Solar Group, located just outside Los Angeles, expects to create about 620 jobs at its new home in Dane County, Wis.

They’re not the only ones leaving. According to the Business Relocation Coach, we’re over 150 companies that fled in 2010 and with AB32 kicking in and the onerous taxes and regulations that businesses in California must deal with I’ll bet that more won’t let the door hit them in the ass in 2011 as they head for better environments. Even the cruise industry is fleeing.

I have to ask Jerry Brown who the hell does he think will be around to pay for all these tax increases you want? I guess the state can take some of the money back it gives to welfare and unemployment recipients, who will probably be the only people who will vote to raise taxes to cover the rampant spending on bullshit that goes on in California on a daily basis. I’d also have to ask who’s going to hire those “500,000” people you claim will get green jobs? Will they be moving to South Carolina or Mississippi perhaps?

I wonder how Solyndra is doing this year?

Source: California Today


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4 responses to “Thousands more green and other jobs flee California

  1. Ralph

    My home town, Muncie Indiana, lost all the industry they had. Chevrolet, Borg-Warner, Delco Remy, Westinghouse, Ball Brothers, and the majority of job shops that populated the city doing contract work for the big companies are gone for whatever reason.

    Their answer to the tax crunch problem? Move the city limits out 10+ miles in all directions and jack the homeowner taxes to the moon.

    I can imagine the homeowner in California will soon feel a similar “pinch”.

  2. Ralph

    My home town government found out there is only so much tax people will endure when the majority of the local economy is based on service jobs.

  3. Bill Vancouver

    How dumb is Wisconsin? Denmark, Germany, and Spain have all conducted studies that show over 2 regular jobs lost for every 1 green job created. Costs per green job are between $250,000 and $750,000. Solar and wind turbine subsidies have been slashed or cut entirely in these three EU countries as well as The Czech Republic and Italy.
    The only viable markets stupid enough to waste taxpayer dollars on wind or solar are the UK and the U.S.