Newsweek: Geoengineering bad

Well, it’s a start, someone at Newsweek is getting a clue that all this geoengineering may cause more problems than it solves. Sharon Begley reports about it in a piece titled Climate Cures Dark Side……

It sounded like a panacea for climate change: “geo-engineering” the atmosphere to block some sunlight and counter global warming. Now scientists scrutinizing the approach say it could produce dangerous cascade effects, severely disrupting weather and agriculture—and might fail to block the worst of the greenhouse effects anyway.

But further study shows worrying pitfalls, according to a series of research papers that will appear in the next issue of Atmospheric Science Letters. The greatest threat is to Asian monsoons, which are driven by the temperature difference between warm land and cooler seas.

You can read about how geoengineering may just cause more floods, monsoons and may not even prevent alleged arctic melting and disrupt things on the planet more than not doing anything would. Geoengineering = CO2 Insanity. Remember…..It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature!

Read all about it at the source below.

Source: Newsweek

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  1. Ralph

    How hard is it to see ANY blocking of the sun will cool the Earth. All anyone needs to do is look at history and erupting volcanos.