Game theory to reduce GHG’s?


The latest tool in the global warming prediction arsenal?



I thought this was really funny when I read it this morning. has an item titled “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by use of game theory.” This must be a new tool in the global warming prediction arsenal.

He uses , which analyzes how people make decisions when the desired outcome depends on the choices of other people, to understand how treaties such as Kyoto can get countries to behave differently. He has advised a number of international organizations, including the United Nations and the World Bank, on health, climate and other global issues.

Well, that explains a lot about how decisions are made at the UN and other places. Does Ban Ki-Moon play video games all day to arrive at all his important decisions? Pong perhaps? Video Tic-Tac-Toe? Here’s more on the process.

As far as he’s concerned, it’s time for a new approach. “There are no silver bullets,” he says about his piecemeal strategy, “but this approach is better than Kyoto.”

Well, I have news for you. This isn’t a “new approach” because most of the so-called “climatologists” have been using computer games to predict all kinds of things global warming for years. They’re called computer models. You know, garbage in – garbage out. AKA: CO2 Insanity.


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