Gore tells O’Reilly how heat causes snow


The look on Bill's face says it all!

Al is really good at making post-event predictions. You can bet if they had a heat-wave last week instead of snowmageddon he would have said that was caused by global warming, too!


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4 responses to “Gore tells O’Reilly how heat causes snow

  1. Jerry Matchett

    An English teacher in high school taught me the set of propaganda techniques. First on her list was the calling of names. By calling them names we discredit them without providing proof. Another was to ridicule the enemy. You don’t have to prove them wrong on merit, just make them look idiotic. I think someone is guilty of propaganda here. Making someone who disagrees with you to appear like a fool, is not the advancement of any kind of argument and simply says “I have run out of anything intelligent to say!” My grandmother taught me that if I had nothing intelligent to say, I should say nothing. I do wish that you would do likewise.

    • Funny I don’t see you complaining about the greentard and libtard sites that are making fun of O’Reilly. But I guess that’s different.

  2. Jerry Matchett

    Ah ha, You are using the propaganda technique of changing the subject rather than addressing it. You could have said that you don’t see me complaining about film versus digital photography sites and it would make equal nonsense. Or maybe low carbohydrate diet sites vs. calorie counting sites. You can train your mind to stick to the subject if you try hard – and especially do not spend much time watching television nor using hand-held telephones.