U.S. Winter 2010-2011 Global Warming Tally

Ice Falls from Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Stadium

I was looking at the Weather Channel this morning to see what the weather in Dallas, Texas will be for the Superbowl when I caught 2010-2011 Winter Seasonal Snow Totals to the right of the forecast. I appears that we have a lot more Global Warming this winter than even Al Gore dreamed of. Here’s a few so you can see what I’m talking about.

2010-11 Snowfall
Seasonal Average
88.0 inches
32.5 inches (+ 55.5 inches)
125.6 inches
71.3 inches (+ 54.3 inches)
80.6 inches
26.7 inches (+ 53.9 inches)
63.3 inches
13.6 inches (+ 49.7 inches)
70.7 inches
22.7 inches (+ 48.0 inches)
57.7 inches
12.0 inches (+ 45.7 inches)
56.4 inches
13.7 inches (+ 42.7 inches)
74.6 inches
33.6 inches (+ 41.0 inches)
92.1 inches
52.7 inches (+ 39.4 inches)

Based on Al and other warmers theories, this is all caused by global warming, which is an amazing after-the-fact prediction if I ever saw one.

I suppose this summer when it’s 110 in the shade in Dallas that will be global warming caused, too.  Or, if it doesn’t get hot enough this summer that will be global warming caused. All events will be predicted post-event as is normal with the warmers these days.

You can see how much global warming fell on other cities in the country at the source below.

Source: The Weather Channel

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