Wind turbines chop up money faster than birds

Taxpayer Ripoff Wind Turbine

You have to “love” this one. The Telegraph reports on a wind turbine that cost more than it saves.

The 280 ft turbine situated in a business park near the M4 in Reading operated at just 15 per cent of its capacity year, meaning it generated £100,000 of energy, despite attracting subsidies of £130,000 from the Government.

15% capacity? Sounds like they need Prince Charles to head over there and blow some hot air about deniers on the damn thing and get those blades moving. What a joke and it’s on the taxpayers in the UK and coming to the USA soon.

Source: The Telegraph


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4 responses to “Wind turbines chop up money faster than birds

  1. Commenter Dreadnought captured the madness well on Bishop Hill:

    “I met a traveller from a distant shire
    Who said: A vast and pointless shaft of steel
    Stands on a hill top… Near it, in the mire,
    Half sunk, a shattered turbine lies, whose wheels
    And riven blades and snarls of coloured wire
    Tell that its owners well their mission read
    Which did not last nor, nowhere to be seen,
    The hand that paid them and the empty head.
    And scrawled around the base these lines are clear:
    ‘My name is Millibandias, greenest Green.
    Look on my works, ye doubters, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round this display
    Of reckless cost and loss, blotless and fair,
    The green and pleasant landscape rolls away.”

    (Miliband was a minister in the UK Labour government who was particularly enthusiastic about global warming and the opportunities it provided for taxation and aggrandisement)

  2. Ralph

    Obama wants wind turbines up and down the US east coast, and everybody knows there have NEVER been hurricanes that have went up the east coast.

  3. Bill Vancouver

    Not only East Coast hurricanes, but how about twisters throughout the Midwest and SE U.S.? I know they have huge concrete anchors, but surviving 175 mph winds might leave a few lying around the countryside.
    Anyone want to bet they will not get into an upright position without another subsidy?

  4. Bill Vancouver

    Another thought: When cost of energy doubles, does that mean it will “save” 70,000 pounds?