More sick violence from libtards and greentards

Back in October 2010 we posted an article by John O’Sullivan titled “Repugnant Climate Fascists Launch New Video Campaignshowing a violent video of climate skeptics being blown up seen below. Evidence of what those “non-violent” greens and liberals really want to do to everyone who doesn’t subscribe to the dogma of global warming.

Now we get another violent video from a group calling themselves The Food Liberation Army who appear to have no compunction about stealing, kidnapping or beheading Ronald McDonald. I know……. it’s only a statue….no one was really beheaded…..but the way some sick minds work nowadays I’d certainly find no surprise if some overly upset nutcase actually watched this video and then decided to take it upon themself to kidnap a real McDonald’s employee to make their point.

Below are two videos.  The first one making their demands and the second one where they carry out their threat and behead poor Ronald.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re saving the planet from climate change or saving us from eating at McDonald’s, many liberals and greens want you to think they’re really nice, but I think these videos show what many of them really want to be doing. I wonder how long before someone really does something violent in the name of climate change or eating properly? More CO2 Insanity and more ecoterror.

Source: The Telegraph





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