China: Rare earth may become rarer

Enjoy those Prius batteries while you can!

I found this one on Yahoo News a few minutes ago.  If you remember, China had an incident with Japan awhile back and cut off their rare earth supply for awhile. If you wonder what I’m talking about, it’s not the 1960’s -1970’s band Rare Earth, it’s about rare minerals that are used to make things like cell phones, computers, batteries and many other items. China controls about 97% of the market now and they’re going to tighten things up. Per Yahoo…….

China plans to tighten control over rare earths producers and restrict output in a five-year development strategy, the Cabinet said Wednesday, amid concern abroad about plans to reduce exports of the exotic minerals used in high-tech goods.

China accounts for almost all production of rare earths, a group of 17 minerals that are used in products such as flat screen TVs and lightweight batteries for mobile phones and hybrid cars.

You can thank all the greentards that basically eliminated a lot of mining in the US for the coming shortage. So, next time you can’t find a new battery for your cell phone, or you can’t find a new Prius for sale because Toyota ran out of material to make the batteries, thank a greentard.

There is one upside to this.  I could really love having less Prius drivers in the fast lane going 56.445 MPH holding up traffic while cruising at optimal mileage speed.

Source: Yahoo News

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