Dr. Martin Hertzberg’s Video Lecture Exposes the Climate Fraud

Below we have much pleasure in presenting Dr. Hertzberg’s astonishing lecture before a large audience at the Café Scientifique at the Summit, Frisco, Colorado April 27, 2010.

A well-respected analyst and commentator on climate change science, Hertzberg has a Ph D in Physical Chemistry from Stanford. He also worked as a U.S. Navy meteorologist in a illustrious scientific career and is the author of several U.S. patents.

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Hertsgaard (Feb. 7, 2011) referred to Hertzberg as a”climate crank” and that he was no more credible than that of the “Flat Earth Society”.

Hertzberg responded, “I am always encouraged when an adversary in an argument, rather than citing the facts or the data, resorts instead to ad-hominem slurs: it can only mean that I am winning the argument.”

Martin argues that the theory that human emission of CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” is causing global warming/climate change, is one of the greatest frauds in the history of Science. He insists that the U. S. Government through its EPA, and that so many media outlets including the Nation, are major parties to that fraud, is tragic beyond belief.

Like his co-authors of Slaying the Sky Dragon, he says the so-called “greenhouse effect” on which their fear-mongering is based is a fraudulent concoction that is devoid of physical reality. The Earth’s infrared emission absorbed by atmospheric gases is re-radiated to free space as soon as it is absorbed. The notion that the colder atmosphere above can re-radiate that energy to heat the warmer Earth below violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

The retired professor continues, “In order to convince the public of the threat of global warming, a cabal of scientists whose nefarious activities were exposed in the “climategate” e-mails, had to fabricate two “hockey sticks”: one for temperature and another for atmospheric CO2. Both had the shapes of hockey sticks, flat for previous centuries with sharp rises during the last few decades. Both were deliberate frauds.”

Knowledgeable scientists know that changes in atmospheric CO2 do not correlate with human emission of the gas; that human emission is a trivial fraction of natural sources and sinks of CO2; that the oceans contain 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere; and that the gas is continuously recycled from the tropical oceans where it is emitted to the arctic oceans where it is absorbed. As oceans warm they emit CO2 and as they cool they absorb it.

Hertzberg asks that we all should look at the totality of the data available rather than to be swayed by the anecdotal, fear mongering of environmental propagandists, journalists like Hertsgaard who have failed to exercise due diligence, and power hungry politicians.

The real data for recent decades is available at www.climate4you.com and are updated monthly. The data show nothing extraordinary – just the normal variability in average temperatures, rates of sea-level rise, ice-area coverage, and snow coverage.



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