Blue States Disappearing Fast

Seems the über liberal Democrats are starting to tick-off mainstream Americans. Based upon Gallup’s recent poll those solid blue (Democrat) states are disappearing fast . In a mere two years the 30 states were solid Democrat in 2008 dropped to 14 in 2010. An astounding 50% cut.

Gallup Chart

So what does this have to do with global warming? All one has to do is note that most of the players in the global warming arena have a D in front of their name.

These are big-time liberals like Al Gore, President Obama, Bill Clinton, Henry Waxman and other assorted Democrats who’ve been pushing for cap and trade laws in the United States and pushing for us to sign a carbon treaty that will allow them to tax us and redistribute our wealth to foreign countries under the guise of global warming, which is what they have really been after all along.

This just goes to show you that much of America doesn’t want to stray too far to the loony-left, which bodes well for people on the skeptical side of the global warming debate who feel that the “Chicken Little” mindset portrayed by them goes too far astray from common sense and reality.

This is what I really call hope & change! You can real all the Gore-y details at the source below.

Source: Gallup

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  1. never realised the D stood for Democrat, always though it stood for dipshit