British Government waste $ on science fiction

London Underwater? Only in computer generated warmer fantasy fiascos!

It seems the UK just can’t piss enough money away on non-existent anthropogenic climate change these days. They currently have wonderful wind-turbines that either freeze up and generate zero electricity during the winter or don’t work because there’s no wind.

Now we have them creating more alarmism and pissing away more millions based on some computer model generated fantasy about London being underwater in the future. For starters, you have to laugh at the below statements…….

These dramatic images show how floods could devastate major cities across Britain leaving thousands of homes underwater if no flood defences were put in place.

The centres of London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool would be completely submerged with properties wrecked and businesses shutdown in the event of major flooding.

Extraordinary photographs of the devastation flooding could cause were released by the Environment Agency today to warn of the dangers of natural disasters.

We have could, meaning there’s certainly no certainty and if, that small two-letter word with huge implications. This is followed by extraordinary photographs that I find extraordinary only because their someone’s sick fantasy and have no basis in reality whatsoever. It is kind of like the Twilight Zone (apologies to Rod Serling) of anthropogenic global warming isn’t it? This is science fiction at its best! What next? Call in Dr. Who for a solution?

So, what does the British government do about it? Well, like any other government, they pee their panties then piss away money by the millions so they feel better. Wouldn’t it be cheaper if the Brits told them to go by some Depends or something? I mean if there’s any flooding it would have to be urine based and not due to AGW!

£1.8million ($2,916,360 USD) is being spent on the test exercises which will involve ten government departments and utility companies in what ministers say is the ‘largest civil defence exercise ever’ in Britain.

We even have Royalty involved. No, not Prince Dumbo, either…….

Even Prince William could be involved as RAF helicopters are used as part of planned live water rescues which include saving people from the top of a submerged bus, at Bala Lake, in Wales.

Only a bus? The way they’re talking I’d think they’d have to rescue people from the tallest building in London! Not a mere bus! (I hope it’s at least a double-decker!) I know! Rescue Prince Charles from the top of his peanut oil powered train! That should generate some publicity!

Oh my! Here we go pissing away more money!

The Environment Minister also announced more than £800,000 ($1,296,160 USD) in grants to emergency services, charities and other groups to buy flood rescue equipment and training, as part of a £2million fund to improve the response to floods across England and Wales.

This is a total pissed away for a non-existent problem in US Dollars of $4,212,520. Regarding the image at the top all I can say is that it might actually be a real money-saver if Parliament and some government offices got flooded because perhaps then all this silliness would cease!

Yet more CO2 Insanity. When will it stop?

Sea-level rise? What sea-level rise. About 20 MM - 7.9 inches = about 0.0607692308 inches per year

Sea-level rise? Note the almost flat line for the past 8000 or so years.


See how Al Gore's BS compares with reality? Dr. Schwarzenegger's and the IPCC's aren't exactly on target either. Unless you're one of Al's stooges you should get the fact there isn't much sea-level rise.


Source: The Daily Mail

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