Global Warming Freezing Turtles

Yes, you read right. Global warming has come to Texas and it’s causing turtles to freeze. From NOAA we get this one…….

Freezing temperatures in early February caused approximately 1600 endangered green sea turtles to wash ashore on and around South Padre Island, Texas. The cold-blooded marine reptiles suffered from a condition called ‘cold-stunning’ which resembles a comatose state in response to the sudden drop in temperature. Cold-stunned turtles are unable to swim and are vulnerable to boat strikes, predators and stranding.

It’s that warm-cooling-rain-droughting thing known as global warming….I mean climate change…..ummmm….nope….climate disruption…..yeah….that’s it!

Source: NOAA



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2 responses to “Global Warming Freezing Turtles

  1. rogerthesurf

    Should we act on the climate change information we have been fed?

    I think this little post of mine illustrates that dilemma very well.



  2. How endangered can they be if 1600 washed ashore?