Piers Corbyn-All Reactors are Nuclear Bombs

Hear from Piers Corbyn about his take on what is going on with the nuclear reactors in Japan and the danger to the West Coast of the United States.



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2 responses to “Piers Corbyn-All Reactors are Nuclear Bombs

  1. jerrymat

    I am not sure whether is my computer sound system, the web, my hearing or what but I cannot make out what this man is saying. When I turn up the volume it is still not clear. Is there a written document of his statement?

  2. Roy Smith

    Another scare-monger who speculates outrageous scenarios without any facts about the real situation with regard to the nuclear power plants in the quake-tsunami area of Japan. The media loves these kind of speculators because it improves their bottom line. When someone gets the “real” facts, I be glad to listen.