Why can’t Caltrans do this?

Remember the Loma Prieta Earthquake in California in 1989? Remember that year, it’s important. The San Francisco Bay Area has languished for over 2 decades now and the new section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is STILL not completed. As of now it’s over a decade overdue and $4 billion over budget and not anticipated to open until sometime in 2014. The construction didn’t even start until 2007, which is 18 years after the earthquake.

Remember the collapse of the Cypress section of the Nimitz Freeway in Oakland? I do, I went down there the day after the earthquake. Seeing it on TV was bad, actually going down there and looking at how this massive concrete structure was torn to shreds was a very humbling experience. I’m certainly glad I wasn’t driving on it when the quake hit. If I was I might not be writing this. Forty-two people were killed on this section of the freeway when it collapsed.

Damage after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake to the Cypress Section of the Nimitz Freeway in Oakland, California, USA

That was an amazing experience on how slow things work in this state, too. This took 9 years to build and wasn’t completed until July, 2007, a ‘mere’ 18 years after the quake at a cost of $1.2 billiion.

So, what happens in Japan with their roads that were destroyed in the recent 9.0 earthquake? Well, it seems they move a lot faster there than we would even think possible with all the BS in California that goes on. You can see the before and after of the road in the photo below.

6 Days to repair this. Caltrans probably would have been at least 6 months

So how long did this take? Well obviously it wasn’t decades or years or even months. It took the Japanese a mere 6 days to repair this section of the road. There were no arguments, no messing around, no lawsuits by the greentards, nope they just hauled ass and fixed it.

My suggestion for Governor Brown is to eliminate  Caltrans and hire the Japanese to fix our roads and bridges. I’d imagine if we’d contracted with them in 1989 the Cypress Section of the Nimitz Freeway and the new Western span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge would have been completed over a decade ago and at significantly lower cost.

There’s an old joke about Caltrans that I find amusing……

A lady rushes into the local police station and the Desk Sargent asked “What can I do for you maam?”

The lady says “I was just raped by a Caltrans worker and I want to report it!”

The Desk Sargent asked “How do you know he was a Caltrans worker? Did he have his hard hat on with the Caltrans Logo?”

“No” she says, “but I know he was a Caltrans worker.”

The Desk Sargent asked “Well, did he have his orange Caltrans vest on lady? Is that how you know?”

“No” she says “but I now he was a Caltrans worker.”

The Desk Sargent is now flustered and blurts out “Well lady! If he didn’t have any Caltrans clothes on then how in the hell do you know he was a Caltrans worker?”

She says “Because I had to do all the work!”

Source: The Daily Mail

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