Berkeley Prof Takes Down the Hockey-Stick Graph

Watch a Cal Berkeley Professor to see how the infamous Hockey-Stick Graph indeed hid the decline and why Climategate didn’t make false allegations about ‘tricks’ and “hide the decline.” He shows you the ‘tricks’ used. This is yet more proof that the ‘investigations’ ‘exonerating’ some of those involved in the Climategate debacle were so much whitewash.


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2 responses to “Berkeley Prof Takes Down the Hockey-Stick Graph

  1. Oje

    Muller spreads misinformation, AND, he is funded by Koch to do so. What more evidence do you want to disbelieve Muller, sorry Berkeley.

    • Oh my some real ‘original’ propaganda there dude. Pulling out those evil “Koch” brothers while ignoring George Soros funding of libtard and greentard organizations is hypocrisy at its best. You talk about spreading misinformation I’d suggest you go look in your mirror. All you have here is BS you probably got from some greentard website. Thanks for the laugh.