California’s Drought is Over-done-finito


Shasta Lake - Yup! Sure looks empty to me! (NOT) It's only 11.96 feet from being full!


Finally the greentards in Sacramento have awoken! It’s official! According to the San Jose Mercury News the California Drought will be officially over when Governor Jerry Brown announces it tomorrow!

We have areas in the Sierras that have over 50 feet of snow and the reservoirs are filling up fast with a total group average of 115% of normal and the snow-melt hasn’t even started yet.

So next time a greentard tells you there’s a drought in California, or a warmer tells you that there’s a drought in California because of global warming-climate change – climate disruption or whatever lame excuse they have –  tell  him or her to stick it up their aquifer – sideways!

Source: San Jose Mercury News

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