Wind turbines Killing Bats


These two may grow up to be mincemeat thanks to wind turbines



No I’m not going batty, it’s true. Bats kill insects….ingested insects don’t eat crops…..we all get to eat dinner.

Throw wind turbines into the picture and its…..bats killed by wind turbines… bats to eat insects….either insects eat crops…or we use more pesticide to kill those crop eating insects…..pesticides run off into streams and aquifers….we ingest more pesticide.

Per this article in the Telegraph, this scenario is indeed true.

Scientists found the blades of wind turbines were a major threat to bats particularly when they are migrating.

Several migratory tree-living species of bats were being slaughtered “in unprecedented numbers” by wind turbines, said the researcher.

“Without bats, crop yields are affected,” said Dr McCracken.

“Pesticide applications go up.

population recovery is unlikely for decades or even centuries, if at all,”

Yes they’re not only bird choppers, they’re bat choppers and crop killers and possibly human killers, not to mention they are not profitable unless subsidized by your tax-dollars.

Why the greentards keep touting wind-power as being good is way beyond me. They should declare these an abomination and demand that the existing ones be removed and that no more new ones be built.

I believe if we’re going to invest in greentard energy schemes at least solar doesn’t chop birds and bats up. Investing in wind-power is CO2 Insanity.

Source: The Telegraph




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2 responses to “Wind turbines Killing Bats

  1. Anonymous coward

    The “not to mention they are not profitable unless subsidized by your tax-dollars” simply shows the author’s ignorance on the matter. If one bothers to follow the money trail they will find that the traditional methods of generating energy are also heavily subsidized by the tax dollar, in fact generally to a far larger tune (% and total $ amount) than wind, solar, etc…

    If it really were true that the alternatives are not economically viable, China would not be leading the world in wind and solar investments.

    • China is leading the world because they (duh!) make them cheaper – that’s the only reason.

      Regarding subsidizing other power generation at least we get 24 x7 power with coal and gas fired power plants and nuclear powerplants. Tell me you get that from wind or solar.