$5 Billion Peed Away on Weatherizing Program

Flush those tax-dollars down!

Here’s more money peed away by the Obama Administration who evidently strive to live up to the statement “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Per Fox News we find  out how more of your hard-earned tax-dollars are being flushed because no one’s watching what’s going on…….

President Obama’s $5 billion stimulus injection into a decades-old program to help lower energy bills for millions of low-income families by retrofitting their homes to improve efficiency has been plagued by cases of mismanagement, waste and fraud in several states.

So how bad is it?

“It’s a complete cesspool of waste,” Leslie Paige, vice president of Citizens Against Government Waste, told FoxNews.com. “When it’s over, we will never know how much went down the tube. They cannot track the money. By the time they get to it, a lot of the money will be gone.”

Well, I have to wonder how much of this ended up in those good buddies of the Obama Administration like Democratic contributors and unions? The way their accounting works, no one will probably ever know and no one will probably ever get in trouble over it.

You can read the rest at the link below.

Source: Fox News

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