New islands? I thought the sea-level was rising?

So why isn't this barrier island submerged? Bad predictions?

According to this article in the Daily Mail……

Using satellite images, topographical maps and navigational charts they have identified a total of 2,149 such islands worldwide.

This is significantly higher than the 1,492 identified in a 2001 survey conducted without the aid of publicly available satellite imagery.

So, long story short they missed 657 islands.

My point is that you’ve been hearing about global warming, climate change, climate disruption (or whatever you prefer to call it) that “the science is settled” for years.

Can someone please explain to me how the science can be “settled” about global warming when they can’t even account for all the islands on the planet? I’d guess we have certain scientists who “cant’ find their ass with both hands,” some of who may have either the cojones or the stupidity to attempt to predict what the climate will be on Earth 100 years from now.

It gets more ridiculous if you take into consideration all the predictions of sea-level rise. I mean if we have all this sea-level rise, then why aren’t these islands all submerged? Hmmmm?

Actually according to a post at Real Science, “the sea-level has dropped 30mm since the end of 2009,” as you can see from the chart at their site here.

Source: The Daily Mail

H/T to Real Science

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One response to “New islands? I thought the sea-level was rising?

  1. Anonymous

    Obviously, someone needs to read up on basic geological processes. Land masses are never static, the Earth never stays the same. It seems to me that in all your posting you don’t examine multiple aspects of a topic.