Now Climate Change Causes…..Spiders!

According to a graduate student I'm moving due to climate change. Should I call Bekins or United Van Lines?

Yes, we have a new one! Now global warming is going to cause Brown Recluse Spiders to not only soar in numbers, but move northward into new territory.

From the Daily Mail we get this ‘beauty.’

And now the brown recluse – or Loxosceles reclusa – spider population is growing, and predicted to expand into the northern states as a result of climate change.

People in the northern states better stock up on Raid!

But researchers are predicting the population will expand to parts of Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania by 2080.

By 2080? Come on now, I bet they couldn’t even tell me when I’m going to have ants in my kitchen over the next month, much less predict what Brown Recluse Spiders will be doing 69 years into the future!

So how did they figure all this out?

Study author Erin Saupe, a graduate student in Geology and a Biodiversity Institute student and other researchers used a predictive mapping technique to build a picture of where the spider may be found in the U.S. going forward.

They then applied future climate change scenarios to the spider’s current location in the Midwest and southern U.S.

‘These results illustrate a potential negative consequence of climate change on humans and will aid medical professionals in proper bite identification and treatment, potentially reducing bite misdiagnoses (sic),’ study author Erin Saupe, a graduate student in Geology and a Biodiversity Institute student, told science journal PLoS ONE.

Oh my! A graduate student did this? Whose major is geology? Using a predictive mapping technique? Using applied future climate chance scenarios? And from all this we get a potential negative consequence?

Now that certainly sounds like it’s ‘scientific’ doesn’t it? I mean I really should get a crystal ball and come up with my own potential scenario about what these spiders may or may not do in 69 years. I’d probably have an equal chance of being right. Or, I could cut my costs and just use the dartboard in the garage.

Source: The Daily Mail

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