Put your money where your CO2 is!

Want to earn 100 of these?

Want to make $10,000 AU? If you’re a warmer who believes the science is settled then it should be a piece of cake. According to this article from the Gladstone Observer……

Prof. Carter and Dr Evans have written numerous articles on the topic, including one in Quadrant Online co-authored by Alan Moran, an economist specialising in energy policy. They debunk the government’s case for human-induced climate change and a carbon tax, point by point.

But don’t be put off, surely with the overwhelming scientific consensus we keep hearing about, the truth really is out there? Peter Laux just wants you to find it.

He describes himself as a “militant trade unionist” – a member of the oldest rail union in the world, the Locomotive Division of the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU), and vice-president of his local branch. He says:

AGW proponents constantly claim “overwhelming evidence” and yet incredibly never show any…

For those who despise the source of their prosperous lives and wish to burden those who can least afford it with carbon taxes and cripple the development in the Third World, I offer you $10,000 (AUS) for a conclusive argument based on empirical facts that increasing atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning drives global climate warming.

OK warmers and warmettes who keep feeding us unprecedented global warming BS, here’s you’re chance to make a buck and once and for all settle the science!

Somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to win it.

Source: Gladstone Observer


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2 responses to “Put your money where your CO2 is!

  1. Bill Vancouver

    Steve Milloy of Junk Science fame made a similar offer and eventually the pot rose to $500,000 US. The only takers were a few off-beat warmists who used supposedly “scientific proof” which were actually only extreme weather events. Steve got to keep his money as will this sponsor.
    The U.S. government has already spent over $83 billion in “climate research” and still no one has “proven” AGW through the scientific method. The great global warming hoax has ended…..finally…..

  2. I have directly contacted James Hansen and Walter Meier of the NSIDC making wagers of $5,000 to $15,000 that their predictions would come true. No takers. Been asking for this evidence for several years in my articles and nothing there either. I just can’t make a buck with these guys. Won’t someone out there bet that the world will continue to warm and set new records? Of course, the referee will not be the GISS data set. Then I would lose.