Global Warming Visits Namibia

Global warming has now visited the Tsumeb golf course in Namibia, Africa. No, that’s not tinsel on the tree…….

The residents of the town streamed to the golf course to witness what they thought was snow caused by the cold weather, as happened in the southwest of the country earlier this week. What transpired was that the sprinklers had been left open overnight and the water froze wherever it fell because of the extreme cold.

The map below shows where Namibia is located.

Yep, that global warming sure is heating things up! More CO2 Insanity.

Source:  The Namibian


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2 responses to “Global Warming Visits Namibia

  1. Bill Vancouver

    Namibia appears to be close to the equator….what’s its elevation?..even if it’s well above sea level, how do the ‘warmists’ explain the extreme cold with CO2 still increasing at less than 3 ppmv annually? Does the IPCC or James Hansen have a good scientific explanation?
    Nah, whenever observations contradict the AGW hypothesis it confirms manmade CO2 is causing global warming……even cooling proves warming…..the planet is going to continue warming until we cease emitting any CO2…..yea right, Al Gore.

  2. Ruan

    I’m a Namibian, and to tell you the truth, yes we have had an exceptional year of rain and thus far a very cold winter (which is not unusual!). Thing is, in general Namibia HAS in fact been getting warmer! By the end of 2009 and into 2010 we experienced several heatwaves, some came in one week after the other! Average temperatures were higher than ever and continued a steady trend which started in the early 2000’s. With the exception of this year, which has been a year of freakish weather conditions – I’d say Namibia is heating up. Global warming or not, it is a fact.