Arizona Wallow Fire = More Global Warming Hysteria

Here we go again with more global warming hysteria created by warmer hallucinations that we’ll all be on fire any minute now. Talk about a pile of hot, steamy, BS, that is about the only warm thing about it. From Death by 1,000 Thousand Cuts we get this snippet……..

In a June 8, 2011 Think Progress article about the the current wildfire situation in Arizona, the grim warning:

‘The monster 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire consumed 468,000 acres, causing many Arizona communities to evacuate. In a world of unrestricted greenhouse gases, such fires will be commonplace.’

A quick check on Google revealed historical data about wildfires including the 1871 Peshtigo Fire which burned 3.7 million acres and killed up to 2500 people. In 1825, the Miramichi Fire, another 3 million acre monster wildfire that occurred during the pre-Climate Change, Global Warming hysterics era.

You can read all the details about all the fires at the source below. Sorry warmers, but to reiterate the above, please note the fires happened long before CO2 was even thought to be an issue, so you can’t blame them on Global Warming, Climate Change or even Climate Disruption. Since the Wallow Fire pales in comparison, I’d seriously doubt that you would want to claim that more CO2 causes smaller fires, which contradicts the global warming fantasy that more CO2 is somehow causing what is claimed to be bigger and more fires, which it’s evidently not. 

Please do not take this to be that we’re making fun of a serious situation in Arizona that is now spreading to New Mexico. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We only make fun of people with CO2 Insanity who want to blame everything and anything on global warming.

Source: Death by 1,000 Papercuts-DBKP

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