Global Warming Hits New Zealand’s North Island

Here we go folks! Global warming has hit New Zealand’s North Island for the first time in 40 years.

Blizzards lashing the South Island moved on to the more populated North Island, with falls in central Wellington and southern suburbs of Auckland where snow had not been seen since the mid-1970s.

Emergency services in four-wheel drive vehicles and a snow plough managed to free more than 100 people who were trapped after nightfall in their cars on a treacherous road over the Rimutaka Hills, north of Wellington.

Isn’t it just amazing how the planet is warming up! Kudos to Al Gore for making such terrific predictions about how hot we are aren’t.

Source: The Telegraph


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3 responses to “Global Warming Hits New Zealand’s North Island

  1. rogerthesurf

    North Island?!

    You should try the bloody South Island!

    We have been locked down for two days as the storms have closed the city and made most roads impassable.

    Worse than that, burning firewood is illegal here (Christchurch) (most of the chimneys fell down in the earthquakes anyway) and the electricity fails when you need it!
    And thanks to our much vaunted ETS, the price of electricity is too much for most people to use as heating. A Yahoo Extra News poll showed 27% of people prefered to freeze rather than run up electricity bills.

    Its a bit rough as so many houses are damaged with many having lost their ourside cladding and insulation.



  2. LOL.. good post ….! I wish NZ would realize ETS and carbon taxes are for the birds…

  3. Burning firewood is illegal in many western U.S. states and Australia too. Guess what happened to houses when the usual brushfires came along in places where they had been routine before settlement but where clearing was not allowed? There are reasons media predict revolution : the government is doing its level best to incite it.