Costco isn’t getting a charge out of EV’s

In another blow to EV’s (electric vehicles) COSTCO has decided to remove all the electric vehicle chargers at their stores.

“We were early supporters of electric cars, going back as far as 15 years. But nobody ever uses them,” said Dennis Hoover, the general manager for Costco in northern California, in a telephone interview. “At our Folsom store, the manager said he hadn’t seen anybody using the E.V. charging in a full year. At our store in Vacaville, where we had six chargers, one person plugged in once a week.”

Mr. Hoover said that E.V. charging was “very inefficient and not productive” for the retailer. “The bottom line is that there are a lot of other ways to be green,” he said. “We have five million members in the region, and just a handful of people are using these devices.”

Evidently COSTCO thought they’d attract customers by putting in EV chargers and it went kerfloppin. It’s apparent even in California, the Greentard state, very few are charging their EV’s up even when it’s free.

EV sales make it apparent why no one’s using the chargers.  According to New American:

The Volt is currently leading the electric car battlefront in North American sales, but a mere 2,029 units have been sold since the Volt’s late 2010 launch. The Nissan Leaf trails behind with only 1,044 units sold.

Divide the total 3,033 units by 50 states and that’s a measly 61 cars per state. I call that evidence not many are biting the EV apple.

Source: NY Times



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3 responses to “Costco isn’t getting a charge out of EV’s

  1. in Britain they are going to put charging points on the freeway service stations

    that’ll fail as well

  2. Ralph

    When you can drive a sports car like the Nissan 370z for about $10,000 cheaper than a Leaf or Volt it a no-brainer, at least for me.

  3. From the Paleozoic Era with the beginning of life CO2 has fluctuated from a high of 7,000 parts per million to a low of 351 ppm, and the temperature has ranged from a high of 24 degrees celceus to a 12 degrees low. Today the earth is at the low end 391 ppm and 14.5 degrees.

    It is arrogant given the fact that the earth continually changes that man is the main source of this change. We may contribute or we may not either way the climate will change.