Speaker Boehner Backs Obama Down on Costly EPA Regulation

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is on a winning streak this week. First he said “no” to President Obama’s request to speak before a joint-session of Congress on September 7th, which happens to be the same night as the Republican Presidential debate. Now he has the President backing down on ultra-expensive EPA regulations that the US can ill afford at this time.

Speaker Boehner recently asked President Obama for a list of proposed regulations that would cost the tax-payers over $1 billion. President Obama responded with the below list (PDF). You can see the shocking totals for yourself. The first one alone, the one eliminated,  is estimated to cost between $19 and $90 billion. Knowing the government, it would probably ended up costing way more than $90 billion.

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As of today it is evident that Speaker Boehner has President Obama backing off again. According to Fox News:

President Obama is directing his administration to withdraw a controversial proposed regulation updating government smog standards.

In a statement, Obama says he made his decision in part because it is important to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses as the economy recovers. He says he is still committed to protecting public health and the environment.

No, I’d say the President backed off because his approval rating is tanking at a low of 40% and there is a large problem with jobs. It was announced today that there was zero (0) jobs growth for August, 2011, the first time this has happened since 1945.

So, I say to House Speaker John Boehner, keep up the good work. You have a window of opportunity because the President is on the ropes. Reigning in the job-killing EPA is an excellent start. Don’t stop, please keep the pressure on.

Source: Fox News

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One response to “Speaker Boehner Backs Obama Down on Costly EPA Regulation

  1. Ted

    Good Move by House Speaker John Boehner, we have to reign in these socialist dreamers, they can never figure out the implications of their wild eyed fantasy’s. Look to Europe as the prime example: a slow motion meltdown mainly due to progressive dreams that have no chance in the real world!