California Bullet Train Boondoggle Triples in Price….Ummm nope it’s worse!

The California Boondoggle Express

Like all things the government sticks its nose into, the bullet train has now more than tripled in price and won’t be done until 2033 instead of 2022. Originally, this train from and to nowhere was to cost the taxpayers a mere $33 billion. Last week it was revised to $98.6 billion. Now, only one week later, it’s even worse than that!  They’re now saying it could be $19 billion more, leaving us with the latest revised total of  $117.6 billion! This is now past 3 times ($99 billion) and is almost hitting 4 times ($132 billion) the original estimate.

Frankly, we can’t even believe the new estimate isn’t just too good to be true. Want an example of how the state works? Let’s use the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge eastern section, which in itself is an amazing screw-job.

The new eastern span earthquake retrofitting is now 10 years past the anticipated completion date and $4 billion dollars over budget. Some projections maintain it will end up being $7 billion over budget by the time it’s completed. This was estimated by CalTrans in 1996 to have a cost of $1.3 billion (PDF). $7 billion is about 7 times that original estimate. Using this example, 7 times the original estimate of $33 billion for the bullet train amounts to $231 billion.

The first phase of this train will go from Corcoran, California to Borden, California. If you even know where these two backwater towns are you’re doing better than I am and I’m a native Californian. Basically it’s a train going from nowhere to nowhere. Rod Serling, creator of the Twilight Zone, would be proud.

One would think that the idiots in charge would perhaps want the first leg to go to and from someplace that someone actually might want to go to and from. I can’t imagine more than 10 people per day wanting to go from Borden to Corcoran. So, what will end up happening is they’ll have to subsidize the bullet train when it first starts running because there won’t be enough people using it to even come close to breaking even. More tax dollars will get sucked down the drain in the name of progress no one with half a brain wants, or can afford.

Judging by the amount of traffic coming into the San Francisco Bay area from the central valley, one would think they perhaps would get the first leg going in that direction so they could perhaps start making money, or at least be losing less as soon as possible. But, don’t count common sense in on this project because if there was any in Sacramento they would have sent the money back to Obama like Florida did.

For California it’s more CO2 Insanity of the expensive kind, brought to you by the insanity known as the state government in Sacramento, a group of politicians who can’t even balance the state budget and want to keep on spending more than they take in.  You can bet it won’t be long before they will be trying to lighten every taxpayer’s wallet (again) in the state to cover their latest boondoggle.

We already have planes, trains and automobiles, so why do we need this? The money would be better spent widening I-5 than on a train to nowhere. Besides, if it’s so good, where’s the private venture capital? Probably in hiding.

I can’t wait to visit Borden, wherever the Hell that is.

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  1. Ralph

    As I understand it what money Florida gave back to Obama went to California. When Florida Governor Rick Scott was gloating about not going forward with the train there were local politicians crying about not getting the train and the private investors willing to invest in Florida high speed rail.
    My guess would be the “investors” were companies willing to advertize on the train or in the train stations, and the taxpayer would pick up the rest of the expenses, from train repair, upkeep, and employes salaries.