New Mexico and California – The Rail Boondoggle States

If Californian’s want to get a clue why they should do everything possible to block the Bullet Train Boondoggle, they only need to look east towards New Mexico for further proof why.

Santa Fe, N.M. — New Mexico‘s commuter rail service is caught in a budget squeeze that has state officials questioning its costs and who benefits from an investment in mass transitestimated to exceed $1 billion when the project’s bonds are paid off in 15 years.

Supporters say the train system can help reduce highway congestion by getting commuters out of their cars, delay the need for more roads and deliver an economic boost by shuttling visitors to Santa Fe.

To critics, the rail line drains taxpayer resources at a time when New Mexico is scrambling to pay for road maintenance and public education.

Sound familiar? Scrambling to pay for road maintenance? Today’s news frequently has blurbs about how the California government is considering raising the gas tax because they’re under budget on road maintenance over the next 10 years.

Public education in California is also a joke. Schools are being closed, teachers are begging for crayons, college tuition being almost constantly jacked up.

Just wait until we start hearing the rumbling in Sacramento that they need more money to complete the bullet train, then more money to subsidize it.

Do you want to spend money on a bullet train boondoggle train to nowhere? Or, would you rather put those billions to work on things that are really important like education and road improvements? We say let some other state be stylish and broke for a change.

Source: Tom Tancredo

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