Prince Phillip on Wind Turbines: “Disgrace” “Fairy Tale”

It appears there’s at least one person in the Royal family with some common sense. Prince Phillip lets it fly and tells us what he really thinks!

In comments that put him sharply at odds with the Government, the Prince reportedly said the farms were a ‘disgrace’ and they would never work. He also described people who backed them as believing in a ‘fairy tale’.

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne last month denounced opponents of the plans as ‘curmudgeons and fault-finders’ and praised the turbines as ‘elegant and beautiful’.

Chris Huhne. who’s obviously dumb and blind, must also think that Roseanne Barr should be parading around in a bikini at the next Miss America contest.

Now if he’d only grab his son, Prince Charles, by his Dumbo-sized ears and rattle some sense into his head we might have something.

Source: The Daily Mail


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2 responses to “Prince Phillip on Wind Turbines: “Disgrace” “Fairy Tale”

  1. Ralph

    There’ll be a lot of wind turbine scrappin in the UK in the future. Hey! That could be a new reality show here in the US!! Wind Scrappin!!! I’ll bet Discovery could fit it in between the motorcycles and guns on its network.

    • norma kempster

      wind turbine factories are the biggest scam that has ever been pulled on thepublic, who pay £1bilion
      a year in subsidies. Greedy landowners , companies like Force9 and french electric companies such as EDF make vast profits. Norma. K.