Global Warming ‘Exaggerated’

This study doesn’t completely refute global warming but it does at least remove all the unprecedented shrillness that we must do something immediately to save the planet, which is something we’ve been hearing with increased frequency now that the COP17 climate conference is about to start in Durban, South Africa.

Note, something immediately usually means spending billions on carbon trading schemes also known as redistribution of wealth schemes promoted by the United Nations who are aided and abetted by their IPCC unit.

According to Dr. Andreas Schmittner of Oregon State University:

Apocalyptic predictions about climate change are likely to be wrong, a study says.

The scientists who produced it say that dire forecasts that a doubling of carbon dioxide from pre-industrial levels would cause rises in temperature of as much as 10c are unlikely.

Instead, the maximum increase is likely to be no more than 2.6c,  they added, and the best guess 2.3c.

Dr Schmittner said it would be ‘virtually impossible’ for a doubling of carbon dioxide to cause temperatures to rise by 8c or 10c.

Yet more proof you can flush over dramatic predictions of rising sea-levels, melting glaciers, apocalyptic storms, droughts and floods.

As an aside, we’ll also note that in spite of all the predictions, global temperatures have been basically flat for over a decade in spite of rising CO2 levels.

There is always a spoil sport:

Dr Bob Ward, a climate change policy expert at the London School of Economics, said however that this one study is unlikely to supersede all the science that has gone before.

We would translate that to please don’t confuse us with real facts that don’t go along with the global warming party line.

Source: The Daily Mail

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