Think wind power is safe? Then you must believe in Santa!

Never mind that wind turbines routinely chop up hundreds of thousands of birds every year, it now it appears they may be about to start chopping up people, too! There are 1,500 accidents a year and those are only at UK wind farms and don’t count the rest of the world. So what’s happening?

A dossier of incidents, compiled by a campaign group opposed to wind farms, includes cases where blades, each weighing as much as 14 tonnes, have sheared off and crashed to the ground.

Residents living near a wind farm have reported sheltering in their homes when lumps of ice were thrown from blades from a 410-ft high turbine near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

So far three deaths (amended to 4) and no one’s been chopped, yet.

One involved a maintenance worker in Scotland who had become ‘tangled’ with the driveshaft of a turbine while the other three deaths took place during construction of onshore and offshore wind farms.

Tangled mangled in a driveshaft doesn’t sound like a very nice way to meet your maker though, does it?

Well, we hope it never happens, but sooner or later we’d predict that someone, someplace, will get hit by a flying wind turbine blade and chopped up. Meanwhile, think about the poor birds getting chopped on a daily basis for a power generation scheme that won’t profit without subsidies.

Source: The Telegraph


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7 responses to “Think wind power is safe? Then you must believe in Santa!

  1. It’s great to make people aware of the problems with a “green” energy. But to name a problem is just a part of our job in this crusade, don’t you think?
    To make suggestions of safer ideas, still utilising green energy, and then helping put it in place would be great.
    Our company is creating an off-the-grid option for transportation. Not only a three wheeled electric car (‘The Roadie’), designed and manufactured by our company – designers of Australia’s safest light sport aircraft, but also a wind ‘turbine’, which is more like a small, safer alternative to these giant of which you speak. The Australian farm-style windmill. No massive blades, no 410 ft drop for ice.
    As for birds, well, I don’t know what to say about the birds. That’s sad….
    Are you a vegetarian?

  2. We observe that Wind Farms also generate substantial ground level turbulence. The mast generates a type of turbulence called mast wake turbulence which is capable of mobilizing particulates including silicate dust, metallics, and bio particulates such as mold, spores, bacteria, and decayed animal remains. This type of dust if inhaled can cause serious health problems for those exposed to the “waste stream” of large wind farms such as those in the Palm Springs California area. The health impact of wind farm atmospheric effluent is neither well understood nor monitored systematically. Diseases associated with breathing dust include silicosis, beryliosis, COPD, allergies, and a whole array of lung and respiratory ailments. We observe that construction projects are not allowed to generate dust. The California EPA regulates against such dust emissions. On the other hand, wind farms generate huge dust plumes all the time.

  3. John

    Haven’t windmills been keeping Holland dry for a few centuries? Where are the stats on the bird and human deaths causes by these ungodly miniature wind turbines? Or am I just comparing apples to oranges?

  4. Anonymous

    I believe you’ve misquoted your source, RenewableUK recorded 1,500 deaths over five years, not just one.

  5. d o

    Amazing. Thousands of Insiders aka: Whistleblowers giving testimony that our Governments manipulate the media, & here we have people who are ONE HUNDRED – 100% – certain that the percentages of the deaths to birds and humans are correct. You all have first hand knowledge? WOW!