The San Francisco Green Energy Ripoff

A photo of San Francisco at night with green power?

It seems San Francisco will soon have “free” green energy that isn’t “free” or very “green.” Instead of “free” and “green” we get this:

  • Monthly bills will increase by $84 to $180 annually
  • You’re signed up automatically and if you don’t opt out your stuck with the increase
  • Due to the unreliability of wind power and solar your electricity will still come from coal and gas power plants when those don’t work on windless and cloudy days.
  • The startup costs $19.5 million including $15 million placed in an escrow account to pay Shell Energy North America if the program is terminated before the contract expires in 4½ years.

San Francisco, touted as “the city that knows how” evidently only “knows how” to rip off the taxpayers. There are probably 19.5 million ways to spend that $19.5 million on things that would make San Francisco a better place to live than on overpriced faux green energy.

The city’s a mess in many places. Traffic’s a mess, the streets are a mess, the homeless are a mess, crime is a mess, there are many blighted places. Let’s not forget that the schools are taking it  in the shorts thanks to Jerry Brown’s faux budget that recently fell apart and could also use that money.

Nope, in San Francisco politics it’s better to genuflect to the imaginary green energy god. Keeping PG & E who appears to be able to provide  cleaner, more reliable and less expensive energy would have just been too simple compared to creating another SF bureaucracy that appears to be FUBAR before it even starts.

If you thought that the power going out a Candlestick Park during a nationally televised football game was an embarrassment just wait and see what happens, or doesn’t, as the case may be. No wonder the 49’ers want to move to Santa Clara.

Sources: SF Examiner  & SF Business Times

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One response to “The San Francisco Green Energy Ripoff

  1. We observe that large wind farms in California generate unprecedented levels of ground level air turbulence as a result of the aerodynamic phenomenon called mast-wake turbulence. High levels of near surface turbulent air flows are capable of mobilizing mineralogical and biological particulates. Mobilization, turbulent mixing, dispersal, and subsequent breathing of such hazardous particles constitutes an unregulated, un-monitored health hazard for those living in downwind areas. Respiration of such particulates is known to cause diseases such as asbestosis, beryliosis, Silicosis, bacteriological and viral infections, COPD, and various lung cancers, to mention a few. These problems are likely to be worse for those living in the turbulent waste stream of wind farms located in desert areas such as Palm Springs California. We note that construction projects that mobilize dust are subject to fines and shutdown by State of California regulations. Some might argue that Wind Farms should be shut down if they eject dangerous dust and particulates into populated areas.