Warmer Climate Smaller Horses?

Now here’s a good one! An article titled “Global warming ‘could make us shorter’ after horses are found to have shrunk the LAST time the world heated up.”

First, notice the favorite word of the warmers “could.” More unsettled settled science, the usual scare them to death but offer no legitimate sounding proof.

Second, notice we’re talking horses here. No not talking horses like Mr. Ed, but talking about horses. Actually it may be a case of horses asses talking about horses. I see no evidence about this affecting any other creature on the face of the earth, meaning to me that it could just be unique to horses and have nothing whatsoever do to with climate.

Third, this flies in the face of common sense when considering norms associated with climate and evolution. Generally speaking, it’s been agreed upon that when it’s warmer there’s more food and when it’s colder there’s less. So claiming that we get smaller horses when it’s warmer and there’s a larger food supply smells like horse shit to me. It also doesn’t explain the huge dinosaurs that roamed the earth during extremely warm periods with plenty of food around to eat and get big, nor does it explain that why, after whatever apocalypse caused the dinosaurs demise, the smaller animals that ate less survived while the larger ones died. When food is in short supply (like when its ice-age time) the smaller critters that eat less will get by while the bigger ones who eat like pigs won’t find enough food and thus starve to death. The exact opposite of this s0-called theory.

Nope, this sounds to me like another case of finding a solution to a non-existent problem as long as it can be blamed upon global warming.

More CO2 Insanity. Don’t believe it? Look at that guy in the picture above and tell me that’s going to be the next Seabiscuit?

Source: The Daily Mail


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4 responses to “Warmer Climate Smaller Horses?

  1. Ralph

    And I thought different breeds and sizes of horses were done through breeding.. who knew.

  2. Jerry

    Goody! If we all get smaller there will be less need for food. I’ve been trying to get into one waist size smaller pants. Maybe CO2 will help!

  3. AndyG55

    The Masai are such short people, whereas the eskimos are huge !!

  4. Shooter

    Unfortunately, the study is junk, as it uses the one word: “could”. Could is not scientific. Science is what WILL happen, and how. They never considered disease, lack of food, predators, or just natural selection. AGW is just a scapegoat, and therefore we can conclude the study has no scientific merit. Whoever takes this study seriously needs to learn evolution.