Dumping iron in the ocean could slow global warming, say scientists

We have a better idea. Perhaps someone should dump some of these so-called scientists in the ocean and see what happens. The best would  be that the Global Warming BS Gravy Train would slow down or stop.

If we let them do this who knows what the results will be for the atmosphere and ocean life? It very easily could make matters worse, which wouldn’t  be a surprise to us at all.

Source: Christian Science Monitor


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3 responses to “Dumping iron in the ocean could slow global warming, say scientists

  1. klem

    Wow, now dumping huge quantities of iron sulphite into the ocean is considered environmentally friendly? So I guess we’ll open up new iron mines to provide the iron necessary to save the planet. I suppose iron mining might be considered green jobs.

    What has happened to my environmentl movement? This is the movement that I was a proud member of since about 1970.

    Thank god I’m not an environmentalist anymore. I’m not wearing this one, modern greenies can wear it if they want. Good luck.

  2. Mole Henderson

    The reasoning behind dumping iron in the sea is to increase algal blooms which will metabolise the a greater proportion of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Which other effects might not have been considered, the basic principle would likely work.
    For a site complaining about the lack of “real science” on this topic, not explaining it yourself seems monstrously hypocritical.
    Also the mispelling of carbon dioxide’s chemical structure is also ridiculous, how can you criticise student magazines?

  3. Extirpates

    “Scientists” say…
    Dumping Iron in the ocean will slow down “global warming”,
    Marked declines should appear for WWI and WWII,
    Where there were above average amounts deposited annually from sunken ships.