Ruling Continues the Bullet Train to Nowhere

California’s bullet train to nowhere will continue to suck massive quantities of tax dollars and ruin farms in the Central Valley courtesy of a ruling yesterday (11/16/2012) by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Tim Frawley.

According to Judge Frawley per the San Jose Mercury News article

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Tim Frawley said at the end of a closely watched three-hour hearing that the 520-mile rail line was so unprecedented in size that he alone could not stop it now.

Yes that is correct. Somewhere in some unknown civil code on perhaps some other planet the is something that says a judge cannot rule to stop something because it is “so unprecedented in size.”

Yes, the Judge was appointed by liberal Democrat Gray Davis, who was such a turkey he was recalled and replaced by the Governator, who we wonder about too after he signed California’s other turkey AB32, California’s own little cap and trade fiasco.

We sincerely hope the farmer’s do not give  up and appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States if need be.

The only place the bullet train is going is off the fiscal cliff. Meanwhile, we wonder; is the Judge is related to William Frawley?

Source: The San Jose Mercury News


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4 responses to “Ruling Continues the Bullet Train to Nowhere

  1. Anonymous

    Magic train powered by unicorn farts…Brilliant1

  2. RobertW

    Seems to me a miscarriage of Justice.
    Also, why destroy food-producing acreage for the sake of more speedy travel? Are the people who’re behind this fiasco intent on putting Americans on a Sunshine diet? Seems so to me.

  3. genomega1

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    Ruling Continues the Bullet Train to Nowhere

  4. Not surprising….

    When judges can place the imaginary needs of incarcerated prisoners over the safety of the community, or the imaginary benefits of a government program over health care, or the imaginary education value of piles of burning cash over the needs of students, or the imaginary fairness of censoring a little girls story about God when stories of Gaia’s climate change are taught as absolute truth, or refusing to provide even the most rudimentary regulation of an abortion clinic credibly while sanctifying Swat teams attacking “organic” farms, …

    The surprise is that they have not invaded my bedroom to see if the dissenter is hiding any contraband.

    Oh, wait, stop… yes actually they did that too.