Hey, let’s come up with another nutty idea and get some of that global warming grant money!

The headline is:

Could we refreeze the Arctic? Scientists suggest radical solution to global warming.

So what is it? Oh, they just want to inject reflective particles into the atmosphere, that’s all. Of course this is again all based upon those good old garbage in garbage out climate models the warmers all love to talk about as though they were the word of God when in reality most are at best, glorified computer games.

Note their chart below and how they, of course, conveniently pick the highest and lowest times and the lowest date and completely seem to forget about all the other years in between and conveniently forget to show you what’s happened since September  16, 20112.

In my opinion this could easily leave one with the impression that first, there was all this ice, now it’s all melted and it’s not coming back. Egads! The sky is falling.

Melting: These images from Nasa show reveal the full extent of Arctic ice shrinkage, showing a new record low compared to the average minimum extent over the past 30 years (in yellow)

Really now? Is it really so bad we need to refreeze the Arctic? Ummm…..gee Mr. Scientist(s)….it refreezes every winter. Think not? Well look at the below chart.


Just follow the red line folks. Oops! It’s refreezing all by itself! Imagine that. Note it’s also back up above the previous low year of 2007.

For some strange reason there’s a funny smell. Hmmm…we have it!  No, it’s not Teen Spirit. It smells like grant money!

Source: The Daily Mail


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6 responses to “Hey, let’s come up with another nutty idea and get some of that global warming grant money!

  1. IT,S all foretold the only way it can be restored and how to prevent collateral damage it no mystery even are human airs only light can restore are earth membrane and give it back to the world it’s not a opposition it are incubator for all life it will all be given to the children the golden wedge orphan’s

  2. Dan Alan Knight

    Just FYI… Injecting particulate is not necessarily a good idea for cooling the planet. As we know, volcanic ash has a substantial cooling effect, but when it settles it tends to melt ice and snow. Injecting so-called reflective materials – especially those selected by idiots… oh, I mean “scientists” … may not cause sufficient cooling on balance to compensate for the warming of the settled particles.

    Meanwhile, we are driving cities into non-attainment and scaring folks with Big Lies about particulates and anthropogenic soot based on misconstrued and misrepresented data on the 2.5micrometer particle counts.

    Imagine what will happen to the visibility of pristine northern skies, and the attainment status of northern cities on the 8-hr average of 10micrometer counts … and then bump that up to the 2.5 limits at shorter averages.

    If a private consultant said it, or an oil-industry exec, the fools would rank him next to Michael Savage and call us hypocrites for not striking him dead with a drone!

    Just sayin…

    • Dan, by proposing stupid things – they are succeeding what’s important for them: “keep the fear alive / we are looking for solutions… problems are real” .. how many ”particles” to spread up, and why, is irrelevant for them.

      Mate, can you tell them that: human made plenty BIG particles even further up; there are 18000 satellites, with big, big solar panels – preventing every minute some sunlight of coming to the planet’s system. It’s accumulative effect.. every day a bit less sunlight = panic, panic, BOO!

  3. water freezes on zero degree centigrade – on the polar caps average temp is minus -30C. That’s twice as cold than in your deep freezer.

    In most cultures, snow & ice is symbol of coldness, BUT on the polar caps is the opposite; it means: warmer = more ice. 1] Eskimo makes igloo from ice, to keep warm. 2] WHEN water on Arctic is exposed to the unlimited coldness in the air = becomes colder, not warmer, because ice is full of air as polystyrene / as perfect insulator!! 3] when Atlantic’s water is ”warmer” produces more ”raw material”, for replenishing the ice every season. Cheers : http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/midi-ice-age-can-be-avoided/