NOAA closes 600 ‘hot’ weather stations.

Well, it’s about time! This has been known for years by many people, including us, yet NOAA did nothing about it until now. We’re still suspicions and wonder how many more should be closed down or moved elsewhere. We’ve yet to feel it get hotter at night than daytime, (unless we turned on the heater) which is evidently something NOAA was unable to fathom until now. You can read more here.

Source: Fox News


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4 responses to “NOAA closes 600 ‘hot’ weather stations.

  1. I believe I was the first person to observe that Climate Change is Inevitable. Like it or not it’s coming.

  2. ooddballz

    Yup, was sunny this morning. Rained this afternoon.Climate Change sure is Inevitable.

  3. SunSwordTiger

    Now if only they would retroactively delete the data sets from these 600 stations to improve the data quality of the data sets. But the glaciers will be parked on Chicago before that happens.