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Climate Disruption is Really Bank Account Disruption

Well now, here’s some real CO2 Insanity! Think about how the warmers have been and are constantly harping about carbon taxes and carbon trading as a method to eliminate global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or what may be the new name I’m coining – “Bank Account Disruption.”

Remember all the various predictions floating around the internet on how much the temperature will rise in the future? From the EPA’s website we get this bit of nonsense from their take on the 2007 IPCC Report.

  • The average surface temperature of the Earth is likely to increase by 2 to 11.5°F (1.1-6.4°C) by the end of the 21st century, relative to 1980-1990, with a best estimate of 3.2 to 7.2°F (1.8-4.0°C) (see Figure 1). The average rate of warming over each inhabited continent is very likely to be at least twice as large as that experienced during the 20th century.

You can see in the figure below a graph showing the extremely wide range of possibilities predicted by the IPCC. From my point of view they may have done better using a dartboard. I mean with a range like that you just about can’t miss.

The predicted cost of just lowering the Earth’s temperature one lousy degree makes Obama’s proposed 2010 budget of $3.63 trillion look rather miserly. So how much is it? Well according to this article at World Net Daily it will cost only a ‘mere’ $700 trillion to lower the Earth’s temperature by one degree. No that’s not a misprint it’s $700,000,000,000,000 dollars. See why I call it real CO2 Insanity? That’s 7 times the world’s gross production, or we don’t even make enough money to pay for it.

Take the IPCC’s worst high temperature projection of 6.4 degrees centigrade and you have a ‘paltry’ $4,480 trillion dollars. Mind you, we don’t even have the $700 trillion for 1 degree, yet the warmers, in a fit of CO2 Insanity, keep trying to screw us taxpayers out of every penny they can by promoting preposterous claims, use of scare-tactics and plain old brainwashing. Even the EPA has problems with it, though with what goes on with them these days, this is the last thing I’d ever expect to hear.

Citing a study by the EPA’s Dr. Linda M. Chappell and various other sources, the Senate report asserts, “EPA has called the consequences of regulating greenhouse gases under the [Clean Air Act] ‘absurd,’ affecting 6.1 million sources, introducing $78 billion in annual costs, causing ‘at least a decade or longer’ of permit delays, ‘slowing’ construction nationwide for years, ‘introducing burdens that are administratively ‘infeasible,’ ‘overwhelming,’ that will ‘adversely affect national economic development,’ while impacting sources ‘not appropriate at this point to even consider regulating.'”

So, if this is all true (and you just read it from the horse’s mouth above) then why the big push to get rid of coal and oil? Why no drilling? Why do we need ill-advised legislation like California’s global warming law AB32 that will (by the EPA’s own admission) do nothing to save the climate, but will harm California’s economy via raising the cost of just about everything? Why are we wasting money on bird-chopping wind turbines that only make a profit when heavily subsidized? Talk about the big con, this is the ultimate! I mean even Bernie Madoff in his wildest dreams ever thought he’d scam $700 trillion dollars out of anyone!

No this is more CO2 Insanity and it’s proof that the goal isn’t to save the planet from global warming at all, but to rip off as much money as possible from the unsuspecting public, many who genuflect at the altar of the Church of Global Warming and buy into what’s become the globe’s latest religion.

Next time you hear Al Gore at his podium, moaning we’re all going to die from climate disruption, remember to check your wallet to make sure it’s not being disrupted and check your bank account, too. After you’re sure your wallet hasn’t been picked, suggest to Al that he cash the $700 trillion check from Zimbabwe to cover it.

You can read more about it at the source below.

Source: World Net Daily


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Power Supplier Admits Going Green Will Put the Lights Out in Britain

No wind = no power = Problems

By: John O’Sullivan

British families have been told the shocking truth about the price of green energy. They must prepare to go without electricity for extended periods, warns UK’s top electricity boss.

Steve Holliday, National Grid’s chief executive issued a stark warning over the consequences of the UK ‘going green’ speaking to listeners to Radio 4’s Today program.

The shock admission was immediately picked up in the Daily Telegraph (March 2, 2011) in the article, ‘Era of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief.’

Britain’s largest energy supplier, National Grid is one of the most lucrative privatised monopolies in the world. It dealt the cold realities to a nation already committed to spending £18 billion per year on unnecessary and unpopular ‘green’ taxes.

Brits told – Wind Turbines Whether You Like it or Not

The colossal company is hell-bent in pursuing an ill-conceived agenda to make it’s energy policy more ‘environmentally friendly’ by focusing on wind power.

When tackled about how the company was going to keep Britain’s lights on when the wind wasn’t blowing Mr. Holliday replied, “Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly.”

Holliday’s plan will, in effect, take Britons back to the bad, sad old days of the 1970’s when the miner’s strike forced electricity generators to restrict supply and throw the nation’s workers onto the ‘three day week’ whereupon uncollected garbage and dead bodies were piled high workers and citizens endured a bleak winter in abject misery.

“As a society, we all need to be clear about what we can and cannot afford” continued the fat cat enjoying a one million a year salary and a £1.27m bonus.

Holliday’s vision confirms the predictions of an increasing number of experts exposing the myths of sustainable energy and documented in a new book,The False Promise of Green Energy. The book strongly suggests that green-job proponents have been getting away for too long peddling an unrealistic vision of energy production.

Holliday’s words are now fulfilling a bleak prophecy that imposing such ill-conceived measures will either bring a dramatic increase in the cost of energy or significant cuts in its use.

Citizens in Revolt over Green Energy Fascism

Physicist and leading energy critic, John Droz Jr. responded to Holliday’s bleak draconian prediction saying, “This is the type of ammunition that will resonate with all citizens, anyplace fighting wind energy.”

National Grid is used to controversy and is so unpopular a website‘National Greed’ has been set up to expose it’s shenanigans. Workers revolted over jobs being sent to India at the same time as annual profits hit £2,914million and senior executives were buying Ferrari’s and stabling them in a “hotel for fine automobiles” (Paul Routledge, Daily Mirror, 31/07/09).

Source: John O’Sullivan

Edit: I have seen some people questioning whether this is legitimate or not on other sites and someone questioned me because they were unable to find the article on the Telegraph website. I searched and manually nosed around their archives and was unable to find it on their site, too. I did locate a photograph of the page in the Telegraph with the article which is below.  Editor.


Editor’s Comments: Will this happen in California due to AB32, California’s Global Warming Law? Me and others have been predicting that AB32’s cap & trade will raise the cost of power to the point that people could be left unable to afford power for their homes and could cause businesses to  head elsewhere where  power is cheap. Other draconian measures in AB32 could also cause increases in prices of things made in California and also could cause businesses to take their manufacturing facilities elsewhere, which is already happening. Californians were duped by people like Arnold Schwarznegger, James Cameron, Bill Gates, and other famous greentards into voting no on Prop 23, which would have delayed implementation of AB32 until the unemployment level in California dropped.

You can read more about California’s current and coming problems with AB32 at the below links about this CO2 Insanity.

Thousands More Green and Other Jobs Flee California

Prelude of California Green Job Market

California Chasing Away Cruise Industry?

California Leads Way on Global Warming

California’s Cap & Trade May Encourage Clear-Cutting Forests

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AB 32 & Schwarzenneger Slapped by Court

Finally, someone in the state of California with some common sense! Per Reuters Africa of all places…….

A San Francisco judge has tentatively ruled that California did not adequately consider alternatives to creating a carbon market, a decision which clouds the premier U.S. climate change program’s outlook.

California’s so-called cap-and-trade plan is seen as the vanguard of U.S. climate change policy after the U.S. Congress failed to pass a federal system, and the plan’s fate is being watched globally by environmentalists and industry.

While only a tentative ruling at least this is a start in the right direction to stop this mad plan that will accelerate California’s bankruptcy. You can read more at the source below.

When will someone notice that setting up carbon trading with foreign countries, as California has done on its own is also illegal?

Source: Reuters Africa


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Thousands more green and other jobs flee California

AQT Solar's new plant in South Carolina

Well, the cigar smoke from the Governator hasn’t even blown out of Sacramento yet and already more green businesses are fleeing California for, shall we say greener pastures?

According to California Watch more solar panel manufacturing companies are going to boogie……

This week, two Silicon Valley solar panel manufacturers announced they would build factories in southern states that offered business-friendly conditions and strong clean energy markets.

Stion, based in San Jose, will invest $500 million to build its new production facility in Hattiesburg, Miss., after the state agreed to a $75 million loan, and tax and training incentives. AQT Solar of Sunnyvale said it would spend $300 million to open its plant in Blythewood, S.C. The factories are expected to generate 1,000 jobs each.

And just before the new year, Wisconsin announced $28 million in tax credits to relocate a Chatsworth solar panel firm to the state. W Solar Group, located just outside Los Angeles, expects to create about 620 jobs at its new home in Dane County, Wis.

They’re not the only ones leaving. According to the Business Relocation Coach, we’re over 150 companies that fled in 2010 and with AB32 kicking in and the onerous taxes and regulations that businesses in California must deal with I’ll bet that more won’t let the door hit them in the ass in 2011 as they head for better environments. Even the cruise industry is fleeing.

I have to ask Jerry Brown who the hell does he think will be around to pay for all these tax increases you want? I guess the state can take some of the money back it gives to welfare and unemployment recipients, who will probably be the only people who will vote to raise taxes to cover the rampant spending on bullshit that goes on in California on a daily basis. I’d also have to ask who’s going to hire those “500,000” people you claim will get green jobs? Will they be moving to South Carolina or Mississippi perhaps?

I wonder how Solyndra is doing this year?

Source: California Today


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Poor Ahnold…sniff..sniff


How much as the Greentardnator cost Californians?

Talk about hubris! Now we have the ex Governator of California who now appears to be trying to make himself into the Greentardnator whining that while he was governor it cost him about $200 million. Per the Daily Mail……

Serving as California governor personally cost Arnold Schwarzenegger at least $200 million, he has told a newspaper in his native Austria.

The 63-year-old two-term governor told newspaper Krone that, when expenses and lack of earnings from Hollywood films were taken into account, ‘in all it is probably more than $200 million’.

Well Ahnold, to that I just can’t seem to find any tears for you. Especially in view of what AB32 (California’s cap & trade law), which you could have vetoed will probably end up costing the citizens of California. Moreover you even helped ensure it stayed in effect by campaigning ardently against Prop 23.

AB32 could end up costing the taxpayers of California billions of dollars and untold thousands of jobs (the cruise lines are already fleeing) unless someone manages to wake up before too much longer and fix the problem. If you don’t care about us so why should we care about you?

Sounds like we may have yet another case where again Ron White is correct when he says “you can’t fix stupid.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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Prelude of California Green Job Market

World's Shortest Guide?

Here’s a good one and you will probably be seeing similar stuff happening in California before too much longer. From American Thinker we get this from an item titled “MA Solar Plant to Close After 2 Years.” What? Green jobs unsustainable?

While the sun might be a constant source of light and heat apparently even constant Massachusetts government green dollars–$58,000,000 of them–couldn’t guarantee Evergreen Solar Company customers and a profit.

So just two years after opening a solar energy plant with great fanfare–and even greater state subsidies–the plant is closing and with it 800 jobs reports Todd Wallack of the Boston Globe.

It seems the Chinese have struck again by undercutting the market. I mentioned this earlier about a company in California called Solyndra who were visited by President Obama and are supposed to be the greentard panacea of jobs via manufacturing solar panels, but they already had to downsize and I would not be a bit surprised if they end up shutting their doors, too. They already downsized mere days after Prop 23 failed and left California’s AB32 global warming law in place.

California land of overpriced homes, over regulation of business and the second highest business taxes in the nation will more than likely drive Solyndra to another state or country that is more business friendly and may even drive them out of business.

You can throw in the fact that the Indians and greentards are already suing to stop solar plants in California and it could be the coup de grâce for companies making and installing solar.

Source: American Thinker

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California chasing away cruise industry?

The SS California Economy - Sinking Fast

This time the cruise lines are fleeing. Two from the port of Los Angeles and one from the port of San Diego. We get this from the Contra Costa Times. Departing from San Diego for Australia……

The 2,500-passenger Carnival Spirit is moving to Australia by April 2012, the cruise line announced on its Web site, citing a “huge potential for growth” there while its San Diego business sags

Departing Los Angeles for more profitable pastures……

To the north, Royal Caribbean’s 3,100-passenger Mariner of the Seas is leaving on its final voyage from the Port of Los Angeles on Sunday and after a tour of South America. It will end up at its new home base of Galveston, Texas, the Los Angeles Times said. And the 2,348-passenger Norwegian Star will leave LA in May for Tampa, Fla.

So, what’s the financial devastation to the greentard state of California? Per the article it’s $54 million per year out the door in San Diego and while no figures were provided, you can probably safely double that in LA for another $108 million per year, making the total loss to the state $162 million a year off the top. No taxes coming in and the state will be paying out massive quantities of unemployment no doubt. If you’re a longshoreman in Los Angeles or San Diego make sure you thank a greentard for your unemployment.

While the cruise lines cite lower business and drug cartel violence in Mexico, you can probably bet grandma’s house that good old AB32 and the coming high cost of doing business in California may be the real cause of the decision or at least a larger part of it. While no one’s talking about it, you should figure in the high cost of doing business in California, which per the Tax Foundation, ranks 49th out of 50 states meaning only Rhode Island has a worse business tax climate. You can bet Florida and Texas will be better places to make a profit.

You can read the below regarding AB32 and Prop 23, which wealthy greentards like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates, James Cameron, Al Gore and others helped to prevent passing in the last election. Per the Press Telegram…..

The California Air Resources Board and local port authorities have adopted numerous measures to curb diesel soot and carbon dioxide from ships, trucks and trains.

For example, the Air Resources Board in late 2007 adopted a plan requiring that ships turn off their auxiliary engines, use exhaust filters or plug into electrical outlets while visiting ports.

The ship plan is one of several “early action” measures designed to jumpstart AB 32.

Other threatened policies include a plan to require cleaner “low-carbon” diesel blends for trains, cargo-handling equipment and tug boats.

Well, don’t tell me that’s not all going to create an inhospitable business environment for the cruise lines. They like money and they run those ships 24x7x365. They dock in the early AM and they’re usually reloaded with food, booze and passengers by 12 Noon or so and on their way with the next cruise. I’d surmise an operation so efficient that it can restock a huge ship in a matter or hours isn’t going to want to absorb all those additional costs, especially considering the current economic environment. So, they’re voting with their feet and moving on to greener pastures. California can suck diesel fumes.

Yes Arnold, idiots at CARB and the legislature, that’s the way to bail out California! Scare everyone that pays taxes away and then sit and wonder who the hell will pay your next paycheck. Way to go dummies! And this is only the beginning. Who will be next? If Jerry Brown gets his proposed tax hike you can bet more businesses and tax paying citizens will be fighting to see who can leave the fastest!

Stay tuned. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: Contra Costa Times, Press Telegram, The Tax Foundation

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CCX Finally Closes for Good

Per the New York Times the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has finally closed their doors for good as of December 31, 2010. However,  Porky Pig was not seen saying “th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

As usual it seems they have hope that everybody will get stupid again and give them another shot at it. Why? Well, while Congress has said no to cap & trade as have the Japanese, it seems the greentards in places like California are giving them hope.

I’d liken it to fishing. You can cast a lure out and reel it in and watch 10 fish totally ignore it, 5 fish look it over close and swim off, but there’s always one or two if the dumber ones who will take the bait. California is like one of those dumb fish.

Calif. keeps hope alive

But California’s recent moves toward mandatory emissions trading is breathing new life into the market. RGGI officials are also in talks to reform their system. And CCX officials say that although they’ve closed their contractually binding trading platform, they aim to leverage their relationship with some of the nation’s largest companies to revitalize the voluntary carbon market, while maintaining their dominant position as the largest host of trading in a variety of environmental commodities.

It gets even funnier. We all know that if you’re going to spend the kind of money it takes to start a carbon trading firm that you expect it to be a money-making business. At least I’d think anyone with a brain would. But, now that CCX has fallen flat on its face, it seems the warmer excuses are coming out of the woodwork.

“The point was to get companies familiar with allowances and trading, and how to do that and how to use offsets and exchange them on a platform. And that has all been accomplished,” said Lisa Zelljadt, an analyst at the carbon market research firm Point Carbon. “So with the advent of mandatory programs like RGGI and now California … the sort of experimental value of CCX as it was is over.”

Funny how the point suddenly changed from making money to getting “companies familiar’ and that now it was only an experiment. Laughable indeed.

I do like how they call them “CFI’s.” Might stand for ‘Complete “F***ing Idiocy in my book. If the aforementioned wasn’t enough for you here’s more on why I made that remark.

CFIs once traded as high as $7.50 per metric ton of CO2-equivalent emissions, but as of last Friday, the exchange trading price was just 5 cents, the same price they’ve been at for more than a year.

“Quite frankly, the market has pretty much collapsed,” said James Hugh, who handles CCX transactions for the utility PSEG. “There really isn’t all that much to do there.”

Yes, the price is at a whopping 5 cents per ton. A real money-maker, eh? Collapse? I’d say more like a nuclear explosion.

You can read all the other blithering and excuses at the source link below, but the bottom line is FAIL! That’s also next on the agenda for California thanks to AB32 and the support of the Gentardnator. More CO2 Insanity.

Source: New York Times



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Tesla Stock Drops 16%

So, they named a car after me?

Oh California? Ok Governator? Oh greentards? If electric cars are so “hot” then why is their stock “cooling?”  Per Bloomberg, “Tesla Falls the Most Since July After Lock-Up Ends” which means the investors can finally sell their stock, and it appears there may be some anxious investors who see the writing on the wall and want to get out while the getting is good.

Tesla Motors Inc., the unprofitable electric-car maker, fell the most in more than five months after insiders were allowed to sell shares in the company. Tesla shares fell $4.82, or 16 percent, to $25.27 at 12:12 p.m. in Nasdaq Stock Market trading after earlier falling to $25.06 for the steepest intraday drop since July 6.

Someone’s given it a sell rating.

Capstone Investments Inc. initiated coverage Dec. 23 with a “sell” rating on the expectation that plug-ins and other hybrids will continue to outsell pure electric cars such as Tesla’s.

You can say what you want, but for now anyway, this doesn’t appear to be a good investment, nor do electric cars in general. Per Bloomberg they have “never mass-produced” and they owe the DOE $465 million in loans they have already had to start repaying.

This appears to be yet another indication that California’s implementation of AB32, which is touted to create a bunch of green jobs, is as I’ve been calling it, ‘bullshit.’

Wait until Tesla starts getting higher energy bills due to California’s cap & trade program and their manufacturing costs rise. Wait until those electic bills go up due to cap & trade and people start finding out electric vehicles aren’t as cheap as claimed. Will Tesla survive? Will electric cars? Will California? Who knows, but I’m glad I don’t have money in it.

Source: Bloomberg

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Greentards to run out of ‘green’

Nissan Leaf dashboard registering that $0 rebate you may get if you buy one

Well, here’s a Merry Christmas for all those people who are planning on buying  Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt or other electric car and getting that $5,000 rebate from the soon to be broke State of California. Guess what? Santa won’t be bringing you a big check and you will be very lucky if you even get a lump of coal in your stocking. Per the Los Angeles Times……

With $8 million in state coffers for the program and the Nissan Leaf now hitting the market, funds for the $5,000 rebate may be depleted by mid-2011, an electric-vehicle advocate estimate

Yes, California aka: Greentardia won’t have enough money to spread around to subsidize the greentards who want to buy electric cars!

We believe the rebates will run out……

And with California mired in fiscal crisis, there’s no guarantee that rebate funds intended for future years will actually be there, Air Resources Board officials said.

Here we go again with more BS from Sacramento, the hot air capitol of the state. They want all this ‘wonderful’ stuff, but they don’t have the money to pay for it.

Will AB32’s mandated cap & trade be the same thing? They’ll want power plants to clean up their act but considering the state’s financial crisis will they have any money to pay them for things such as improvements and switching to solar and wind power?

I note that because it appears that the installation of solar and wind power generation plants in the California desert may be whacked, too. The Indians and greentards have filed lawsuits, that in my opinion effectively halts solar and wind power construction. The suit will no doubt cost major money and guess who’s going to get stuck with the bill when it’s all over? Ummm….you don’t really think the state or your friendly public utility is going to eat all the legal costs and the costs associated with what could be a major delay do you? More likely than not, this will result in some form of increased taxation and higher rates for power.

This is more CO2 Insanity that will filter down and eventually help empty the consumer’s (your) wallet even faster than it already is being emptied by the state of Greentardia.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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