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E15 AKA: The EPA wants to kill your old car

E15 Warning Label Picture

The non-elected officials at Obama’s EPA are again trying to mandate the use of  E15 gasoline. This means that instead of 10% ethanol they will now start selling  gasoline that will contain 15% ethanol. While this sounds green we feel the reality is there are many bad issues in doing this and no good ones. We also strongly suspicion the outcome the EPA really wants is nefarious and is entirely different from what they appear to claim.

The EPA’s goals appear on the surface to merely be a) reduce pollution and b) reduce dependence on oil via using more ethanol. As ethanol is made from crops such as corn, they consider it a renewable (aka green) resource. They claim that E15 is safe in cars manufactured after 2001 and that it’s the most tested fuel…ever. On the face of it, this sounds just terrific. A green win-win situation if there ever was one. In our opinion the reality of using E15 may be far different from claimed.

Like global warming, it appears to us that the EPA and Obama administration are using some good old-fashioned faux science to arrive at pre-conceived conclusions. They then put them out to the general public, who, for the most part, seem eager soak up any green BS the government spouts, true or not.

According to the article from The Hill, the automakers and AAA (the American Auto Club) take issue with E15 being safe for vehicles not originally designed it like the ones you see running around with “Flex Fuel” on the body. Those are vehicles specifically designed to run on the regular gas we use or E15.

But automakers say EPA is only considering the fuel’s impact on emissions control systems while disregarding the impact on the rest of the vehicle.

“It is clear that millions of Americans are unfamiliar with E15, which means there is a strong possibility that many motorists may improperly fill up using this gasoline and damage their vehicle. Bringing E15 to the market without adequate safeguards does not responsibly meet the needs of consumers,” AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet said in a Friday statement.

In a nutshell, they’re claiming the EPA only cares that if it doesn’t whack a car’s emission control system it’s deemed “safe.” Never you mind if engine or other problems may arise from using it, we’re the government, we never lie!

It’s evident they could also care less if people in even older pre-2001 autos, unaware of the potential problems, inadvertently fill their cars up from an E15 pump and destroy their engines. You will note the article from The Hill also makes it known you may not have a warranty from the manufacturer on newer cars if any E15 related damage occurs. Knowing the auto manufacturers just ‘love’ to pay warranty claims, you can probably make a safe bet that many more problems will suddenly be deemed E15 related so they can make more profit at your expense by making you pay for the damage.

So, what can happen if an automobile is not specifically designed for E15 fuel?  Apparently quite a bit.  First, it can attack rubber hoses, gaskets, seals and o-rings that are not specifically designed to withstand it. This means hoses like the one that goes from the fuel filler to the tank and the ones that go to the engine from the tank. The fuel injection units have gaskets, seals and o-rings it could attack. They also have things made from plastic such as throttle position sensors, fuel temperature sensors and idle air control valves that may not be made to withstand E15. On even older cars using carburetors, it can attack all the seals and 0-rings inside the carburetor.

E15 can also cause corrosion problems with metals like aluminum. It can corrode the aluminum fuel lines to the fuel injectors on some cars and even corrode aluminum intake manifolds.  If you look at a flex-fuel car, it will have all fuel related parts made of materials designed to withstand the corrosion effects of the higher ethanol content. Got an older car with a carburetor? It’s most likely that the body of the carburetor is aluminum.

Can you imagine what will happen to an older car that starts leaking fuel into a hot engine compartment ? Most likely the fuel will spray out someplace and sooner or later leak on to the hot exhaust manifold and catch the car on fire. Same if the fuel line from the gas tank leaks onto the hot exhaust pipe or muffler. All possibilities using E15 in cars not designed for it. You can darn well bet that the government will find a way to deny any and all claims related to cars burning to the ground caused by using their mandated E15 gasoline. Same with auto manufacturers who will deny your claim due to you using E15 or tell you to sue the government because they mandated it, not us. Sounds like it will end up being circular to us.

All the aforementioned makes us question if this is exactly the intended effect of foisting E15 upon an unsuspecting public, many who are driving older cars due to Obama’s bad economy over the previous 4 years. The EPA rather obviously hates old cars. In their eyes they use too much gas, take up too much space and pollute too much. With the push for hybrid and full electric cars lately, it seems that in their eyes even driving a fuel-efficient car that uses gas is bad.

Just think about what’s gone on in the recent past four years. It appears to us to be a concerted effort by the government to get its citizens out of older cars, most gas fueled cars and perhaps out of cars all together. We feel there have been 3 plans and that we’re now starting up number 4.

Plan 1, known as jack up the price of fuel didn’t work to get everyone out of their older cars.

Plan 2, known as cash for clunkers didn’t work either. About all this did was ruin a lot of good parts vehicles that deliberately had their engines destroyed after trade-in and then were crushed. Let’s not forget it wasted a few billion of your tax-dollars, too.

Plan 3, subsidizing hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, full electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the whatever it is Chevy Volt hasn’t gotten many people to leave gas fueled cars either. Chevy Volt sales (owned by GM aka: Government Motors) are sucking. Even subsiding any of them leaves them too expensive for the average person to buy.

Based upon all of this, it appears to us that the next step to be implemented is what we’ll call Plan 4. Plan 4 is the sneaky plan to increase the ethanol content of gasoline to the point where it will destroy many old cars and force people into buying new cars that the EPA considers green, such as the Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, or at the very least, more fuel-efficient gasoline powered cars that pollute less and will run on E15. Once they get this going, it’s an easy step for them to eliminate E10 totally, like they did leaded gas in the previous century. Then it will be all E15, and even if you have so far been able to avoid filling up your older car with E15, they’ll get you now.

Let’s not forget ethanol is made from food crops such as corn and right now there’s a drought in much of the Midwest, which is causing corn and other crop prices to rise. Throw in more competition for these same crops due to an increase in ethanol production and you have a recipe for higher gas prices, higher food prices and even possibly shortages of one, the other, or both.

This seems a rather nefarious and sneaky plan to us, meaning it fits perfectly with the Obama Administration’s modus operandi, referred by them as being ‘transparent’ for some strange reason.

Have a better sneaky way to get everyone out of their own cars and save us all from non-existent global warming? Call the EPA, they’ll love to hear from you.

Source: The Hill


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Tesla Stock Drops 16%

So, they named a car after me?

Oh California? Ok Governator? Oh greentards? If electric cars are so “hot” then why is their stock “cooling?”  Per Bloomberg, “Tesla Falls the Most Since July After Lock-Up Ends” which means the investors can finally sell their stock, and it appears there may be some anxious investors who see the writing on the wall and want to get out while the getting is good.

Tesla Motors Inc., the unprofitable electric-car maker, fell the most in more than five months after insiders were allowed to sell shares in the company. Tesla shares fell $4.82, or 16 percent, to $25.27 at 12:12 p.m. in Nasdaq Stock Market trading after earlier falling to $25.06 for the steepest intraday drop since July 6.

Someone’s given it a sell rating.

Capstone Investments Inc. initiated coverage Dec. 23 with a “sell” rating on the expectation that plug-ins and other hybrids will continue to outsell pure electric cars such as Tesla’s.

You can say what you want, but for now anyway, this doesn’t appear to be a good investment, nor do electric cars in general. Per Bloomberg they have “never mass-produced” and they owe the DOE $465 million in loans they have already had to start repaying.

This appears to be yet another indication that California’s implementation of AB32, which is touted to create a bunch of green jobs, is as I’ve been calling it, ‘bullshit.’

Wait until Tesla starts getting higher energy bills due to California’s cap & trade program and their manufacturing costs rise. Wait until those electic bills go up due to cap & trade and people start finding out electric vehicles aren’t as cheap as claimed. Will Tesla survive? Will electric cars? Will California? Who knows, but I’m glad I don’t have money in it.

Source: Bloomberg

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Greentards to run out of ‘green’

Nissan Leaf dashboard registering that $0 rebate you may get if you buy one

Well, here’s a Merry Christmas for all those people who are planning on buying  Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt or other electric car and getting that $5,000 rebate from the soon to be broke State of California. Guess what? Santa won’t be bringing you a big check and you will be very lucky if you even get a lump of coal in your stocking. Per the Los Angeles Times……

With $8 million in state coffers for the program and the Nissan Leaf now hitting the market, funds for the $5,000 rebate may be depleted by mid-2011, an electric-vehicle advocate estimate

Yes, California aka: Greentardia won’t have enough money to spread around to subsidize the greentards who want to buy electric cars!

We believe the rebates will run out……

And with California mired in fiscal crisis, there’s no guarantee that rebate funds intended for future years will actually be there, Air Resources Board officials said.

Here we go again with more BS from Sacramento, the hot air capitol of the state. They want all this ‘wonderful’ stuff, but they don’t have the money to pay for it.

Will AB32’s mandated cap & trade be the same thing? They’ll want power plants to clean up their act but considering the state’s financial crisis will they have any money to pay them for things such as improvements and switching to solar and wind power?

I note that because it appears that the installation of solar and wind power generation plants in the California desert may be whacked, too. The Indians and greentards have filed lawsuits, that in my opinion effectively halts solar and wind power construction. The suit will no doubt cost major money and guess who’s going to get stuck with the bill when it’s all over? Ummm….you don’t really think the state or your friendly public utility is going to eat all the legal costs and the costs associated with what could be a major delay do you? More likely than not, this will result in some form of increased taxation and higher rates for power.

This is more CO2 Insanity that will filter down and eventually help empty the consumer’s (your) wallet even faster than it already is being emptied by the state of Greentardia.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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The only fireworks about the Volt will be when the taxpayers find out they got raped again


“Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive.” — Joe Biden, Oct. 26

I had a good laugh during breakfast this morning. I was reading my local paper and discovered this gem in the editorial section. It’s a column by syndicated columnist George F. Will titled “Shocking hype on the Volt.” Being in libtard land I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when I saw the title and figured there must be some catch to this and that it would turn out to be a fluff piece in favor of the Volt and all things green.

The second mystery was the above quote from Joe Biden, which prompted the thought that evidently Mr. Will thinks agrees with Joe, and in spite of the title, we’re actually off to a read of how wonderful GM, the Volt, Obama, Joe Biden and big government are.  Boy was I ever wrong about this one. I got suckered.

The first paragraph (below) told me that this wasn’t going to be nice to Government Motors or the Obama administration. Kind of like firing a shot across the bow of a Somalian pirate ship as a portent of things to come.

GENERAL MOTORS, an appendage of the government, which owns 61 percent of it, is spending some of your money, dear reader, on full-page newspaper ads praising a government brainstorm — the Volt, Chevrolet’s highly-anticipated and prematurely celebrated (sort of) electric car. Although the situation is murky — GM and its government masters probably prefer it that way — it is unclear in what sense GM has any money that is truly its own. And the Volt is not quite an electric car, or not the sort GM deliberately misled Americans into expecting.

Something tells me Mr. Will is not a fan of big government or the Volt and like me, thinks the public has been had, big time. He also remarks about other problems with the Volt summarized below.

  • It will only be available in CA, TX, MI, NY, NJ, CT and Washington, DC leaving 44 states Voltless. (51 if you use Obama’s “57 states”)
  • Even worse it’s going to be limited quantities in the 6 states and Washington, DC.
  • It’s going to even cost more because of government provided tax credits ($7,500 Federal) courtesy of your tax dollars (can you spell government subsidy?)
  • “GM, which originally was expected to produce as many as 60,000 next year, now says 10,000 for all of North America.”
  • GM now admits that in spite of their BS that the Volt drives on the electric motor all the time, they now admit if the batteries get low enough the gas engine will drive it directly, same when it hits about 70 MPH

Mr. Will goes into all the details that you can read at either of the sources noted below. It appears we have another gigantic case of misusing tax dollars and more foolishness from the greentards in our government trying to enforce their will upon the populace and turn us all into little tree-huggers, all while taking care of the unions.

They’ve lied about the gas mileage, being driven only by the electric motor and the distance capabilities when on electric only (which regardless isn’t very far) and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if more BS comes to light after the public starts driving them. Moreover, 10,000 Volts aren’t going to do jack about reducing any carbon footprints in the US, either. They will be the equivalent of removing a small pimple from an elephant’s ass, or, in plain English, not even noticeable. I’d love a real tally of the cost to the taxpayers about this. It sounds like it’s typical government, FUBAR.

Sorry greentards, I’m not biting the bait nor participating in the scam because it’s more CO2 insanity.

Source: Contra Costa Times or the Washington Post


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Don’t be so pious if you own a Prius

Mirror…mirror….on the wall, who’s the greenest of them all? Think you’re being really green if you own a Prius? Per an article at AOL Translogic you’d better think again, because if you consider the total energy cost of the car from cradle to grave a Ford Focus is, in fact, the greenest car on the road at 55 cents per mile total energy used cost. The Jeep Wrangler comes in at 60 cents per mile and the Ford Ranger pickup truck comes in at 69 cents per mile. These are actually more green that a Prius that per the article comes in at $1.89 per mile. According to the article even an H2 Hummer is greener than a Prius.

In the newest version of the study, CNW says it measured the cradle-to-grave energy cost of each vehicle model, from the first CAD drawings, through manufacturing, all the way to final recycling and disposal. CNW has distilled those factors down to a single figure for individual models, the total energy cost of a vehicle per mile driven, ranging from a low of about 55 cents to a high of $11.

The compact Ford Focus soared to the top of the list, costing just 55 cents worth of energy per mile and beating out subcompacts like the Chevy Aveo and the Honda Fit, which cost in the range of 60 to 70 cents per mile, according to the CNW study.

A 2010 Prius can be expected to rack up three times the energy costs: $1.89 per mile driven, according to the study. But that’s down from $2.19 in 2008 and $2.87 in 2006.

The study clearly challenges industry’s long-standing focus on fuel economy as the preeminent measure of energy efficiency. CNW says it looks at everything from the energy cost of smelting iron to the mileage that autoworkers rack up on their commute to work every day.

So, next time you see someone in a Prius, in the fast lane, holding up traffic at 58 miles per hour, hell-bent on saving the planet by holding up traffic, you can laugh, because the joke’s on the Prius driver, not you.

Source: AOL Translogic

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